Curvy Zelma proud to be a curvy plus size woman on TV

At the age of 15, Curvy Zelma auditioned for the reality show ‘Buscando a la nueva banda Timbiriche’ and then we saw her on ‘Survivor México’.

Curvy Zelma shares with us everything she suffered from being overweight that limited her from getting a job; she confesses that she insulted herself when she looked in the mirror.

Her real name is Zelma Cherem, but it was in the midst of finding her own space on the small screen and a tough acceptance process that the artist made fun of herself by calling herself Curvy Zelma. Since then her life changed for her, she stopped being the “chubby” who tortured herself for her image and she became a star with her own program in Aztec TV.

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“I turned 32 on August 1, the day after the premiere of the program La rueda de la suerte, and that has been my best birthday present. For me, being the host of this huge project on TV Azteca represents a great achievement because they allow me to be free, as I am, a curvaceous, plus-size woman on television, because we know that to date there is a struggle for that, so that I am very happy. I want when people see me physically on the show to say, ‘If she can do it, so can I’; I want them to realize that beyond a body, what counts is the quality of human beings that we are, that they do not limit themselves, that they dare to live their dreams, and that the shape of their body is never an impediment” he expressed.

“My value is not defined by a size”

Also an actress, graduated from Artistic Education Center (CEA) of Televisa, entrusted to TV and novels that her insecurity made her doubt her talent: “All my life it was a matter of seeing myself more chubby, being overweight; I was always a very big girl, I suffered a lot, I did all the diets there were and there was not a day that I did not see myself in the mirror with rejection, that did not judge me and say ugly words to me, I was my worst enemy, but even so, I was flirtatious, funny, although deep down she felt ugly and wanted to disappear from the world”.

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At the beginning of his career, to try to get a place in a project, he had to submit to rigorous diets that threatened his health:

“I lost weight to be in the standard, but I did not achieve it, it was not enough and I received a lot of hate because in all (the programs) they were very thin, fitness, and people bothered my body. So I turned everything around and created this name of Curvy Zelma, which is also registered, it was like a cry of acceptance, I began to gain strength and confidence, I gained weight, I stopped dieting and now I am not obsessed with sizes, I am a plus size but healthy woman; I discovered that my value is not defined by a size, that I am intelligent, funny, strong, enthroned and also that there are many people who feel like me; People write to me who have been on the verge of taking their own life because they bother them, because the world is very cruel, ”she said.

“Download a dating app to find a man”

At the moment the presenter is single, “but not alone. I have my cattle, I am a very flirtatious woman, I will not deny it, very flirtatious, but I have also found joy in solitude, because I like my space, managing my finances, I have supported myself since I was 15 years old and I am very free, and yes, I have had famous leading men and some who have not known … ”, he confessed. Although for Curvy Zelma having a man by her side is not a priority, she does not rule out finding someone to share her life with, and revealed to us that she has already downloaded a dating application: “Let’s see what happens, but I haven’t dated someone yet, I’m hardly going to meet a boy; I put my real name in my profile, it makes me nervous, but maybe it’s the way to find a different boyfriend. Of course, I can tell you that the one I’m going out with is ‘collagen’, he’s smaller than me, but not so much that they put me in jail (laughs). I’ll meet him and everyone I have to meet, maybe I’ll meet ‘curvy love,’” she joked.

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His prototype of the ideal man is very simple: “I would like to meet a person with whom I can share my life and his life; Yes, I want a partner, but I think about it because I am very free and no ”.


Rafael Mercadona He is in charge of conducting the program La rueda de la suerte accompanied by Curvy Zelma. In the show, the public will be able to win thousands of pesos by discovering the phrases that are hidden.

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In each broadcast, three contestants compete, who spin the huge wheel to have the opportunity to accumulate money, hitting the letters that make up the phrase that is hidden and thus winning the money they have managed to accumulate. “I am grateful that this program with Rafa has touched me because she is a good partner, she is the type of person who takes the time to ask how we feel and if we need anything. I don’t think a better teammate could touch me,” he said. Curvy to TVyNovelas.