Cybersecurity: This book seeks to protect children from online risks such as sexting

Cyber ​​Safe Book. (photo: Twitter)

Cyber ​​Insurance: A doggy guide to internet security is a new book released by fortnite which has as its objective protecting children from a young age, teaching them manners and keeping them safe online.

The book is intended for children ages 7 to 12 in Latin America and the Caribbean, available in Spanish and English.

A children’s book takes readers on a journey to learn how iinternet is a useful place and how to stay safe. Lacey, a cyber dog, teaches her friend Gabbi how to use the internet safely.

The general manager and vice president of International Sales of Fortinet for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, Pedro Paixao, He stated that “Fortinet’s mission is to protect people, devices and data everywhere; making possible a digital world we can always trust. As part of this mission, the company is committed to educate the world community on the knowledge and skills in cyber security, regardless of age and background or life experiences, as cybersecurity affects us all.”

Smart and safe use of the internet

Content based on Fortinet’s NSE 1 and NSE 2 training courses focus on the basics of cybersecurity awareness and general information about threat actors and their tactics, and that at the same time are part of the certification program.

The eight-level NSEs are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and they are free to anyone interested in using them.

“With more children online for extended periods of time as a result of remote learning, educating our youth about Internet safety is especially important. The book Cyber ​​Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Safety was written to help protect children by teaching them from an early age how to behave and stay safe online.” Renee Tarun, Associate CISO and Vice President of Information Security at Fortinet, and co-author of the children’s book.

Also, to raise awareness of cyber security at all levels, the company will make copies of the book available to schools in the area, with the goal of building a solid foundation in network security from a young age. Those interested in getting an educational center to receive a copy of the book can do so here.

Cybersecurity, a key factor for children.  (photo: Business Insider <a class=Mexico)” height=”1000″ src=”” width=”2000″ />
Cybersecurity, a key factor for children. (photo: Business Insider Mexico)

The book seeks to promote cybersecurity awareness at an early age

Two years after the pandemic, many students continue to learn online. With the avalanche of new devices on home networks connecting students with teachers, cyber attackers have identified a wide range of opportunities for launch ransomware attacks, targeted at devices, specifically for steal information and compromise the school’s security defenses.

Young children are particularly vulnerable due to their lack of cunderstanding of the tricks and methods of cyber crime and the adverse impact of being victims on them.

Cyber ​​criminal.  (File photo. EFE/ Oskar Burgos)
Cyber ​​criminal. (File photo. EFE/ Oskar Burgos) (Oskar Burgos/)

With the rise of online activities, It is important for parents and children to learn the basics of cybersecurity at a young age.

The book Cyber ​​Security: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the potential dangers for children who access the Internet for school, games, entertainment and more.

What’s more, the book includes a guide for parents with detailed information on what they need to know when their children are online.

Cybersecurity.  (photo: ABC)
Cybersecurity. (photo: ABC)


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