Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera: Their romance… at risk!

In absolute privacy they have kept Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez their confirmed love relationship in 2016. The reason? Only they know it. Last week, she settled in the public eye when it became known that she would soon leave the leadership of Venga la alegría to dedicate herself to family life. That triggered speculation even of a possible pregnancy, which the seer Farath Coronel and his tarot interpret in the numerology of both, revealing secrets that the couple prefers to remain silent.

“THERE ARE LITTLE CHANCES THAT HE COULD BE A DAD” “There is a very strange thing in numerology: Carlos’s signs are very similar to Ricky Martin’s, there are situations where there is still no concrete life project. Cynthia is the one who longs to take the next step in the relationship, but Carlos is the brake, he is not ready to take important steps in his personal life. They both really enjoy the relationship, the love, the family and the projects they have in common, but this year there are few chances that he can be a father between August and October. Rather, there is a possibility of a separation, which may occur in the middle of the year. Despite the fact that Carlos can show love, affection and appreciation without barriers, in the letters it appears that he has a cycle that has not closed, ”says the numerology expert.

“THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS VERY PROSPEROUS, BUT NO LONGER AS DATING” “Cynthia is more defined in the emotional and family situation; she already wants to be a mother and take important steps in the relationship. Carlos must be careful, because she can set an ultimatum, feel stuck, both in her professional and personal life, and the relationship will not prosper. As a couple they can combine many things, but he has something that does not let him grow emotionally. His courtship is based on trust and communication; It is a very prosperous relationship, but not as boyfriends anymore.”

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Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez met on the reality show La Academia, in which they participated in 2005. After several years of friendship, in 2016 they announced that they were dating, but little has been known about their relationship. According to reports, both live under the same roof.