Cynthia Rodríguez shows off her son León and appears with Carlos Rivera like never before

The couple lives the happiest moments of their lives

Cynthia Rodriguez finally has his son Lion in her arms, the driver and her husband, the singer Carlos Rivera they became parents a week ago, their son was born on August 3 in perfect condition, his father was practically landing from Spain and immediately went to the hospital to receive his first child; A few days after León’s arrival, Carlos has said that he is living the happiest moments of his life, and Cynthia couldn’t wait to appear with the little one.

The couple, who came to the altar a year ago after nine years of relationship, have pleasantly surprised their followers, because although they carried out their relationship with a lot of discretion, they have revealed details of their marriage, their pregnancy and now the birth of Leóncito , as the happy parents affectionately call it.

Rivera expressed a few days ago, very excited, that his son came with a cake under his arm, since his concerts outside of Mexico present soul out, so he will have to be traveling frequently and combining his facet as a father at the same time; For now, the host is enjoying motherhood and the experience of breastfeeding, which she says is very exciting.

Cynthia shows off her son León and her husband Carlos

Cynthia Rodríguez has already started making her milk bank, so she boasted about it on social networks with her followers, where she shared details of her debut as a mother; She, León and Carlos had her first photo session, and for the first time she appeared with her son, although she did not show her face. “I love the connection we have, so much love,” she wrote.

Like never before, Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera appear together in a photograph on social networks, they posed with the photographer responsible for their session as a family.

The host shared how she is having her first days as a mother:

“You know that the first days are super demanding, I wanted to enjoy it and enjoy it to the fullest, a little sleepless, although let me tell you that last night Leoncito was fed at 12, then he woke up around three, and then he woke up until 6:30, he’s letting me sleep, he’s behaving super well, but also because he’s eating super well,” he said.