Daddy Yankee’s last concert will be streamed

  • The famous singer promised a totally new show for his last concert

The famous Puerto Rican singer, Daddy Yankee, is in the final preparations for his last concert, which will be broadcast live through a streaming platform.

This event will mark the closing of his successful “La Última Vuelta” tour and promises to be an unforgettable farewell for his fans around the world.
To be part of this historic concert, Daddy Yankee fans must purchase a ticket to access the live broadcast.

The artist announced that the established price for admission is $20, allowing fans to experience the passion and emotion of the artist’s latest show from the comfort of their homes.

The live broadcast of the concert will be carried out by the streaming company Kiswe. This company will use cutting-edge technology to ensure a high-quality experience during the event.

The CEO of this organization, Glenn Booth, mentioned the following during a statement: “This historic night will mark the end of a three-decade journey for one of the most emblematic Latin American artists of our time.”

He continued: “We are delighted to have been chosen to help millions of fans experience Daddy Yankee’s final performance on a tour stage and witness his heartfelt farewell.”