Dalip, the oldest living Asian elephant in the US, died at the age of 56

The impressive specimen died at the age of 56 at the Miami Zoo (Photos: Instagram / @zoomiami)

On the night of last Thursday, November 24, it transpired the death of the Asian elephant Dalip at 56 years of agebeing the longest-lived of its kind not only in the city of Miami, Florida where it lived but throughout the United States.

It was through an emotional message published on social networks that the Miami Zoo announced the death of the impressive specimen that, in addition, he was well loved by the community and an iconic symbol of the venue.

According to his statement, Dalip was humanely sacrificed after he was found lying in his habitat unable to get up. In the same way they detailed that for some months the long-lived Asian elephant had presented considerable deterioration in his healthsuch as weight loss, associated with his advanced age.

Dalip died at the age of 56
The advanced age of the imposing Asian elephant caused deterioration in its state of health (Photo: Instagram / @zoomiami)

It is worth mentioning that before making the decision to sacrifice it, Dalip underwent multiple treatments which, unfortunately, had minimal success since although he momentarily showed some improvement, his health deteriorated again.

“After a tremendous effort by the Animal Science, Animal Health and Maintenance teams to get Dalip back on his feet without success and after testing blood levels where there was little to no chance of recovery, the extremely difficult decision was made to euthanize him humanely”, reads the message published by the Miami Zoo on its social networks.

Said enclosure, which was his home for decades, recognized that Dalip was known as the elephant Oldest Asian living in the United States while it was probably the most magnificent specimen to see since even its tusks had to be cut regularly to prevent them from hitting the ground.

Dalip died at the age of 56
The imposing elephant was ambassador for decades of his species at the Miami Zoo (Photo: Instagram / @zoomiami)

“We are heartbroken to say goodbye to you,” read the farewell message to Dalip. Likewise, the Miami Zoo acknowledged that the iconic specimen served as ambassador of its species and brought thousands of smiles to visitors to the venue over the decades.

It is pertinent to remember that last Thursday in the United States the traditional Thanksgiving festivities were held, so in the framework of the celebration the mayoress of Miami, Daniella Levine Cava expressed his gratitude to the city zoo whose government he heads for all the care they gave Dalip throughout his life.

With the death of the long-lived elephant came the end of an era for Zoo Miami, as it was the last mammal in the Miami zoo that originally lived in the Crandon Park Zoo in Key Biscayne, the predecessor to the Miami Metrozoo.

Dalip died at the age of 56
The iconic mammal arrived from India in 1967 (Photo: Instagram / @zoomiami)

The elephant is the largest terrestrial animal on the planet, although the african species It is slightly larger than the Asian, the latter can be identified by its ears that are round and smaller.

Another of the characteristics of the Asian elephant is that they have a protuberance similar to a finger at the end of the trunk that allows them to grab small objects Their diet is based on eating roots, grass, fruit and bark, and they do so in large quantities.

In the specific case of Dalip, arrived in the United States from India in August 1967 when he was barely a year old. The mighty Asian elephant also sired a calf named Spike in 1980 while helping to educate and inspire millions of visitors about elephants and the need to care for and protect them.

“His loss leaves an immense void in the hearts of all who knew him”, the Miami Zoo concluded in its message.


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