Damn, that does interest me: They auction off iPhone 11 by mistake in 6 thousand pesos

Were several mistakes made by stores those registered in the most recent edition of the Good endand one of them had to do with an iPhone cell phone what was “topped off” at 6,450 pesos.

This happened in a store Walmart of the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, whose sellers erred when labeling the price of the product that originally It usually costs between 9,999 and 11,499 pesos.

The person who noticed the above did not miss the opportunity and decided to buy the cell phone, however, at first he saw difficulties when the workers told him that everything it was a mistake and that he couldn’t take home the device at that low price, according to to the costs that this brand of technology manages.

In response, the consumer went to the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Prophecy) and made his situation known; later the resolution came and the cell phone It was sold to him for 6,450 pesos, just as the label said.

Article 7 of the Federal Consumer Law is very clear and points out that these mistakes made by the stores They are not the fault of the clients, who have to be respected the price for which they felt interested in the product in question.

“Every provider is obliged to inform and respect the prices, rates, guarantees, quantities, qualities, measurements, interests, charges, terms, deadlines, dates, modalities, reservations and other conditions under which it was offered, obligated or agreed with the consumer the delivery of the good or provision of the service, and under no circumstances will they be denied these goods or services to any person”, he indicates.

It wasn’t the only mistake

a similar situation it happened in an Armani store located in the Mexico state, whose sellers were wrong by “offering” a jacket for 16 pesoswhen in reality it should have cost 16 thousand pesos.

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This was seen by one person, who managed to buy the garment to 16 pesos after receiving the support of Profeco.