Dangerous shark stranded on the beach and men rescue it

It is not common to observe large marine animals swimming a few meters from the coast, however this phenomenon can occur a few times a year in certain regions of the planet.

The recording of a shark that was stranded on a beach but fortunately managed to be rescued by professionals was recently made known through TikTok.

In the clip shared by the account @sharko.attack, a mako shark is seen that was stranded on a beach. These sharks are considered one of the most dangerous and fastest species in the world, measuring approximately 4 meters in length and reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h; They usually live in tropical and temperate waters near the coasts, which could explain their arrival on the beach.

The dangerous animal was lying on the sand with its body almost completely out of the water. Seeing it in this state, a group of professionals came to its rescue and tried to return it to the water, however this was not easy, because at first the shark defended itself, complicating the maneuvers that the subjects were trying to carry out.

After several attempts, the men, who according to the description were professionals, managed to grab it by the tail and drag it back to the sea, where it headed towards deeper waters.

Many users of the platform expressed their admiration for the rescuers in the comments section.