Dani Flow falls during the concert

The reggaeton singer suffered a fall in the middle of the concert that was captured by fans who were at the event.

In recent weeks, Dani Flow has been trending and not precisely because of her songs, but because of the controversy she sparked by criticizing the feminist movement and defending Rix, a YouTuber who was detained for abusing Nath Campos.

Although he has apologized in this regard, Dani Flow has shown that he laughs at the criticism against him and even at the embarrassing moments he experiences, such as the one he experienced a few days ago in the middle of a concert.

The reggaeton singer shared a video on Instagram showing the embarrassing moment in which he falls on stage in front of hundreds of fans.

In the clip you can see Dani Flow walking on the catwalk that leads to the stage, but apparently the floor was slippery or the reggaeton artist did not step correctly and ended up on the floor.

In the same video you can see another angle of Dani Flow’s fall in which when he falls to the ground he does not get up immediately and instead of hiding that nothing had happened he decided to laugh along with the fans who were in the first rows. and they were able to better observe the fall of the “Martillazo” performer.