Dani Flow suffers a strong fall in the middle of the concert: the video of the collapse

Dani Flow is in the eye of controversy for his musical proposals.

(Instagram @daniflowmx)

The reggaeton player made fun of himself for the heavy fall he suffered in one of his concerts, what happened to Dani Flow?

Dani Flow continues to be a trend on social networks, although this time it has nothing to do with the controversy over his rhymes about child sexual abuse or his opinions on feminismbut with a serious accident he had during one of his concerts in Navojoa, Sonora.

The shocking moment was captured by the cameras of his fans who were in the venue, and After several hours circulating on social networks, the singer of ‘Las que no hay papa’ himself published the clip to react to it..

In the sequence you can see how Dani Flow was walking on the extended stage while singing one of her hits, when suddenly she slipped and fell to the floor.

The blow left him knocked down for several seconds. The fans waited for the ‘Reggaetón Champán’ singer to rejoin the show.

On Instagram, Dani Flow wrote: “Let me go, 2024”, in reference to his bad streak on social networks in recent weeks.

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Users make fun of Dani Flow for his fall

Those who did not miss the opportunity to make fun of Dani Flow’s accident were his own fans. In the comments of the publication, many have reacted with divided opinions.

“Someone upload it to YouTube and give it the title: ‘The fall of vector’”, “Who was the floor”, “La Juanga Flow“, “He fell with Flow hahahaha”, and “This is called twerking to the floor”were some of the comments.

Dani Flow in trouble: Yeri Mua would cancel their collaboration after the controversy over feminism and child abuse

Dani Flow continues to appear among the controversies on social networks. His downfall is perhaps the least worrying thing in his current career, as his concerts have been threatened by statements he has made about feminism and child sexual abuse, even though he offered a public apology. Other artists, such as Danna Paola, they have called it “denigrating.”

Yeri Muathe singer of the moment, was going to perform alongside the ‘King of Morbo’ in his concerts scheduled for Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey in March 2024, but it seems that she has withdrawn from the collaboration.

Yeri Mua cancels collaboration with Dani Flow

Yeri Mua and Dani Flow were going to release a song together.

(Instagram @yerimua @daniflowmx)

‘La Bratz Jarocha’, as she is known Yeri Mua reacted to Dani Flow’s controversies by saying: “Incredible! Don’t get me involved in your dirty tricks, I WOULD NEVER TOUCH ANY CHILD”.

In addition to their collaboration on stage, Yeri Mua and Dani Flow were about to release a song togetherbut this also had to stop.

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“Here I will make it clear: if I do not see a sincere apology for the literal contrary statements towards the woman, the song will never come out nor will there be any participation, it is obvious. The question here is, why are they charging (accusing) me?“wrote the ‘Chupón’ singer.