Daniel Bisogno explodes against ‘Chisme no Like’ and defends Andrea Legarreta, ‘they are rubbish’

Daniel Bisogno did not remain silent and strongly criticized both Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain.


A few days ago, in the program “Chisme No Like” the rumor was released that Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín separated because of Mónica Noguera, which earned strong criticism of the hosts: Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain.

It was in its edition last September 6 that “Gossip No Like” released sensitive information that directly involved Mónica Noguera with Erik Rubín. The driver did not remain silent and He denied these allegations forcefully:

“No… yesterday I was sad because I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t know where this comes from… Erik is my friend, but it’s not like we talk to each other every day, we are cordial friendsI’m at Commando (a gym), your girls are at Commando, see you.”

Another person who reacted to this gossip with indignation was Andrea Legarreta, who did not hesitate to defend Mónica Noguera “tooth and nail”:

“Mónica does not deserve to be put in a place that does not belong to her.”“These ladies (Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain), since we gave this information about us as a couple, have said everything, first they must agree because their credibility is in tatters,” he assured.


In “Ventaneando” they did not remain silent either, and the hosts of this popular afternoon program issued strong criticism against Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, from “Chisme no Like”. Daniel Bisogno, in fact, went further and considered that the YouTubers deserved prison:

“You can’t have that kind of pigs giving them permission to say whatever they want without any basis, raising falsehoods”

“Inventing any kind of thing… Those people should be in jail, people who dare to lie like that and make a false statement without any support or anything, should not be on the air or on YouTube or anything” , declared Bisogno.

Pati Chapoy supported her partner, also ensuring that neither Andrea Legarreta nor Erik Rubín deserved to go through such an unpleasant situation. Daniel Bisogno even went so far as to call YouTubers “pigs”:

“You can’t have that kind of pigs giving them permission to say whatever they want without any basis, raising falsehoods. Those people should be sued (…) disgusting people who are nobody, nor will they be nobody, whether they like it or not, trash“, he concluded Daniel Bisognoexpressing their support for a possible lawsuit by Legarreta and Rubín against “Chisme no Like”.