Daniel Bisogno reveals list of talent that has a juicy exclusivity contract on TV Azteca

There are fewer and fewer artists who have exclusive contracts with television stations. Given the imminent budget cuts that exist in television productions, they have had to be forced to rescind large contracts.

The last:

Cynthia Klitbo


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This is one of the secrets that television channels best keep, however, Daniel Bisogno dared to say publicly who the members of TV Azteca’s exclusive talent were.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Daniel assured that Telemundo called him to belong to one of the editions of La Casa de los Famosos, but he could not participate because it is exclusive to Azteca.

The actor from the musical Lagunilla mi barrio commented that in addition to him, Javier Alatorre, Pati Chapoy, Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcíathey cannot work in anything related to their profession.