Daniel Bisogno said goodbye to everyone with a strong message and a photo that sparked speculation

Daniel Bisogno (d) gave a lot to talk about throughout 2023.


Daniel Bisogno alarmed many people by announcing, amidst insults, that we will not see him in Windowingat least for a few days, because he decided to take a well-deserved vacation.

It was a few hours ago Daniel Bisogno became a trend on Instagram due to a controversial story that has already given enough to talk about among the fans of “El Muñeco”, who started 2024 in a very peculiar way.

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It is important to remember that, throughout 2023Daniel Bisogno was in “the eye of the hurricane” several times due to severe health problems who took him to the hospital on more than one occasion, unleashing all kinds of speculation about the owner of Ventaneando.

That is why, at the beginning of this Tuesday, Bisogno’s comments did not go unnoticed by anyone, thus confirming that celebrity will continue to be an important trend in this year that has just begun.


It was this January 1st that Daniel Bisogno published his first instastorie of 2024, and as expected, it quickly went viral due to its controversial message and the revealing photograph with which it was accompanied:

“Now yes to the chin… everything and everyone. “To recharge mind and spirit”

Bisogno took advantage of the New Year to take a well-deserved vacationso we won’t see it in Windowing at least for a few days, and the driver even took time to insult “everyone”:

“Now yes to the chin… everything and everyone. To recharge mind and spirit. PS Happy New Year,” wrote the driver, who uploaded a photo showing him waiting at the airport for his flight to depart.


However, the detail that really sparked the comments was the fact that In the image you can see the feet of two men: supposedly they would be Daniel Bisogno and that of his companion.

Speculations surrounding the photo did not take long to appear., since many people began to make comments about who would be the person who accompanied Bisogno on his vacation; So far, the driver has not revealed further details, leaving his followers “on tenterhooks.”


This 2024, the cast of Windowing It will be led by Pati Chapoy and other figures in addition to the usual favorites: Pedrito Sola and Daniel Bisogno, although we will not see the latter during some broadcasts.

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