Daniel Bisogno will act legally against those who claimed that he had an immunodeficiency problem

The driver recovers from his crisis with the esophagus and varicose veins

The cast of the play “Lagunilla my neighborhood“The traditional king’s thread started this Monday, where the actor and presenter was present Daniel Bisognowho assured that he is now in better health, after the complications he had in recent months.

“Every day I feel better, it was not easy, it made me reflect on many things, reconnect with myself, with my work, without losing the sense of humor that can characterize me; “When you encounter a difficult moment of health, you become a better person,” he declared to the media.

Regarding the rumors that the driver had gone to the Condesa Clinic to be treated for a immunodeficiency problem He expressed that he has never been to that health care facility, which he respects, but his issue is different, related to the esophagus and varicose veins.

“People are capable of saying such things, there is already a judicial process against these people, they will not know where they are going to end up; It could have happened to anyone and it would be no cause for shame at all. What happened to me was more at risk of dying than something like that, they don’t know what to invent.

“Everything has a limit and we will act strongly with an American legal team that will start now,” said Bisogno, who ruled out leaving the “Ventaneando” program, as was mentioned on the internet.

Regarding the aforementioned production that is presented at the Teatro 2 Cultural Center, he said that it is a work in which everything comes together, where people burst into laughter from beginning to end with a live orchestra.

“It is the third work I have done with Maribel Guardia, is a friend who is there for everything; There is a closeness between the public where people have fun and we understand the language,” she concluded.