Daniel Giménez Cacho is excited to see a full theater; “it hasn’t happened for a long time”

This Thursday night the play “Network” was premiered at the Teatro de los Insurgentes, starring Daniel Giménez Cacho, Zuria Vega Y Arthur Rios, and produced by Tina Galindo Y Claudius Carrera.

On the red carpet of this first show, we saw various celebrities parading like Danilo Carrera, Stephanie Salas, Joaquín Cosío, Ana Layevska, Gaby Ramirez, Alejandra Barros, Mario Moreno III, Alejandra Ambrosi, Regina Blandón, Roberto Sosa Y Luz Maria Aguilaramong others.

Some couples also met like Chantal Andere with her husband, the antique dealer Enrique Rivero Lake, who once again denied the rumors of a possible separation. For their part, the actors Jorge Salinas Y Elizabeth Alvarezsaid they were happy to be celebrating 11 years of marriage and expressed their admiration for Daniel Gimenez Cacho.

The surprise of the night was Claudia Martin, protagonist of the telenovela Los Ricos Also Cry, who arrived arm in arm with her boyfriend, the actor Hugh Catalan. “We had already shared it on networks and we can only say that we are very happy, enjoying time together and enjoying this wonderful work,” said the actress.

At the end of the function, Gimenez Cacho He said: “It is a pleasure to see the theater full again and to such a vibrant audience; all together, how long has it not happened”, before a fully standing forum.