Daniel Sancho case: Autopsy reveals how the crime of the Colombian surgeon was

The more details emerge and the gruesome crime in which the cook Daniel Sancho, son of the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, murdered the Colombian plastic surgeon Edwin Arrieta, is clarified in depth, the astonishment among public opinion increases.

Without the intervention of third parties and premeditated, Daniel committed the homicide in the past August 2, on the island of Koh Panghan, Hakparm, where he and Edwin would spend vacation days. After the murderer’s confession, the local police began an investigation and reconstruction of the case that is about to end with the clarification of the cause of death.

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Daniel Sancho case: Autopsy reveals how the crime of the Colombian surgeon was

The deputy director of the Thai police, Surachate Hakparn, detailed at a press conference how the crime was step by step and revealed the autopsy performed on the victim’s body.

“First they fought, according to the evidence at the scene (crime scene), Daniel punched him and then Arrieta fell and hit his head on the sink, but he did not die at that moment, but when Sancho began to cut his throat.according to forensics,” he revealed.


The researchers also concluded that Daniel stabbed Edwin before dismembering him. to then dispose of the remains; the police have already found 8 of the 17 body parts, the torso has not been found yet.

The motive for the homicide is still passionate, according to scientific investigators. The couple had been in a relationship for a year when they met through Instagram. Apparently, Sancho wanted to get away from the doctor, but he didn’t and that’s why the fight broke out.

Daniel Sancho remains in provisional detention in the Koh Samui prison, in southern Thailand, while his judicial process concludes and it is decided whether to receive death penalty or life imprisonment.