Daniela Spanic fears for her life and that of her daughter after the suspension of protection measures

Daniela Spanic fears for her safety and that of her daughter.

Jose Luis Ramos.

In December 2022, we informed you that a judge interposed Ademar Nahum a restraining order against your ex-wife, Daniela Spanicbecause the Venezuelan actress denounced physical and psychological attacks on her, after receiving a blow to the head leaving the courts and had to undergo surgery.

The sister of Gaby Spanic She also revealed that her ex-husband blackmailed her that if she did not sign a paper, he would take her daughter away.

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This morning, Daniela Spanic urgently went to the family courts with her lawyer, Cesar Daniel Acostaand his manager, Rodrigo Fragosoto file a protection appeal, since last Monday night, the actress received notification that the security measures for her and her daughter had been cancelled.

“There have been several inconsistencies in the process, which has led us to revoke certain lawyers in the process, who had complete confidence in Daniela, and we will expand the security measures, so that she continues to be protected, so that she is not They can bring certain people closer to her family, to her home and to the places where she is. She could not have access to the files because they had revoked me from the case and they name other lawyers, I do not know, but I am now again as Miss Spanic’s lawyer, “said César Daniel Acosta, the actress’s lawyer.

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For her part, Daniela commented that she fears for her life and that of her daughter, she also trusts that justice will be done in her case.

“It is not worth it, I have behaved very well, so that my daughter is well, but I can no longer stand the lies, what they have told me.”

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