Danilo Carrera confesses his greatest act of love: “I left my house, my job, everything for my mother”

Two weeks ago, Danilo Carrera and her brothers: Felipe, Leopoldo and Xavier “ate” their mother, Elsa Huerta, with kisses, while the Ecuadorian rang the bell that made her the winner of the breast cancer that was diagnosed at the end of 2022.

The last:

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The actor assures in an exclusive and moving interview with TVyNovelas that the person responsible for giving him life is the only one who occupies his heart in these moments of singleness, since after ending his relationship with a mysterious royal girl he has not been given the opportunity to start another courtship.

After Michelle Renaud, the television heartthrob preferred to be more reserved in matters of love, he had another conquest, but the painful family situation he was going through got the better of him and did not allow the supposed wedding plans to move forward. The actor left Mexico and decided to leave everything to accompany his mother in the most difficult moment of his existence.

Without Televisa and with a great responsibility on his shoulders, being his mother’s main provider, Danilo ventured to knock on doors in the United States, although many told him that he was wasting time.
because there was no work there. However, a surprise call from the executives of the Telemundo network changed her life and gave her peace of mind.

“Among the plans is a series, there are two more productions that we will tell you about later. But I feel very grateful because Telemundo has bet a lot on me, believes in me and is giving me a lot of opportunities that I take on with a smile on my face because at the end of the day, what could be nicer than having such an important company believe in you? ?, that supports your career, your work, then there are more things coming in which I will be driving.” When asked when this contract came about, he responded:

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“In perfect timing, if you asked me what animal I am, I would say that today I am a cat because they throw me and I fall flat. The thing is that I left my entire life, my company, my career, my house, my city, I left Mexico and went to Miami for my mother, suddenly they told me that there was no job for me here, but another company told me there was, for me to go with them, so it came at the perfect time because my job is 12 minutes from where my mom lives, that’s how long it takes me to get to where she is and that makes me feel very grateful, it’s a blessing to be able to be there. working in Miami”.

He only has words of love about his mother, she is his heroine and the main example of improvement.

“My mother is a warrior, it is incredible that while she was undergoing cancer treatment, she continued to be the one who took care of us, the one who called us, the one who was looking out for us, she never stopped being a mother, she is now very well, very strong, she passed all its stages and is happy, Her personality helped her a lot because she laughs at everything, if they cut her hair she would laugh, if she had to go to the hospital she would laugh, so she is happy because she also had all the support from my dad, he has also been incredible“Just like I left everything to go to Miami, my brothers and I get together every time we can to be with her and this family has become more unified, cancer brought us together a lot.”