Danilo Carrera is also a writer and in his book … “There is a lot of Michelle Renaud”

The success it has had Danilo Carrera With his book When Nobody Sees Me he is so happy that, he told us, he is already preparing a new one. The actor shared with TV and novels how her taste for writing came about, and she told us if the character of the main character in the story was inspired by Michelle Renaud, With whom since June 2019 – when they starred in the soap opera Hijas de la luna – he had a romantic relationship that ended last November.

How did your taste for writing come about? My fascination with writing has been a lifetime; I was seven years old when I drew comics, wrote stories and swore, in my head, that they would appear in the most important newspaper in the country, that all the children of Ecuador would be able to read me. At 19 I wrote my first book, and at 21 the second, but I never published them; Now, at 32, I decided to publish my first novel, which is my third book.

What is it about When Nobody Sees Me? It is a love story that tells the clash of two worlds, that is, the story of an actor named Santiago, who has a life of excesses, luxuries and without limits, and his life collides with the world of Alejandra, a girl innocent who is getting to know the world. The book portrays how these two characters have to struggle with the differences of the worlds in which they live to be together.

Your fans have expressed that they have fallen in love with the character of Santiago … Yes, the character is terrific, he has so many secrets, it is as if he had a mask, but when you start to know him and you realize who he is, you understand everything. Santiago has a rather complicated past that has led him to be the person he is today …

How did you build these characters? Well, there are two ways to be a writer, one is to read a lot, a hundred books in a couple of years, but that’s not me; I am a writer who has a life with a thousand experiences, because my job has been to interpret characters and I have had to live incredible moments, fall in love and fight for what I want. I have had a very busy life, and that is why I think I can capture many things in a fictional character created by me in this book that is already on sale.

So, did you draw inspiration from yourself to create Santiago? There is a lot of me in Santiago, and not only in him, but also in the character of Alejandra, a 17-year-old girl; there is a lot of Danilo in her and in all the characters. What happens is that when you act you can only play one character, but when you write, you are all of them.

In this love story, particularly, is Alejandra Michelle? Were you inspired by it? There is a lot of Michelle in the whole book, she is the person who has motivated me the most to write, she told me: “You haven’t written today, we are on vacation, but you write”… So, there are times when she inspired me, but Michelle is not the character, and no one in particular is, although I think there is a lot of her in everything I do. In the scenes, when I act, for example, there are also things about her, but (in the book) they are fictional characters that, although they have much of what I have lived, existed in my head before they existed on paper.

By the way, how are you in love? You keep single? I’m happy, calm, happy, but I think my private life has to be, gossip takes a lot of energy from us; As human beings we are not designed to be famous, and I am a normal boy with a special job. For now what I want is to be calm, enjoy myself, get to know myself … Giving myself the opportunity to have a relationship with me is very important to me.

What would you like to write about now? Many people are already asking me for the second part of the book, but I would love to write a fantastic story in which there are goblins, fairies, magic and princes, and I think that is what is coming.

At the beginning of November, the protagonist of Contigo did reveal that he was single and that his relationship with actress Michelle Renaud had ended.

“I think they are already aware of the situation, I cannot say that I am happy, content. I wish him the best, he is a wonderful, incredible person who deserves the best and I send him a lot of love ”. Weeks later, we captured the couple in the corridors of Televisa San Ángel, sealing the immense affection they have for each other with a tender hug, which, apparently, beyond a reconciliation, was a farewell.