Danna Paola boasts a photo with Katy Perry

Danna Paola boasted on her Instagram account the photograph that she took with Katy Perry after a concert that the American singer gave in Las Vegas.

“Last night me with my idol,” Danna wrote as a description to accompany this portrait; She points out that after living with the person responsible for the success of Last Friday Night, the Mexican woman cried with emotion.

Thank you thank you thank you… for your art, heart and kindness. You are pure magic!” added Danna.

In the portrait, the American artist is seen posing in a dress that combines pink and white colors, while Danna wears jeans and a black top, and a mesh sweater.

In a broadcast she made on her networks, Danna Paola was very excited to have met Katy Perry: “I just can’t believe it, I mean, I have to express it because it’s something beautiful.”

Later, the Mexican celebrity admitted that she cried after this meeting: “Alex (her boyfriend) was with me, Pepe (her manager) was recording. He grabbed my hand and we took the picture, because we went into meet and greet ».

He also addressed his fans: «Today I want to say thank you because what you make me feel and what I make you feel is mutual. I really appreciate it, what it is to exchange energy, to feel that someone admires you, and I have that admiration for Katy Perry ».