Danna Paola launches herself against Horacio Pancheri for calling Samadhi Zendejas “ugly”

Many are speaking badly of Horacio Pancheri after the actress Samadhi Zendejas show what he told him “ugly” as a response to an Instagram story that the protagonist of «Back to me”, series that sterilizes together to William Levy.

Apparently the written message by Pancheri, “Verga que es fea, eh” was not directed for her, rather it was a mistake that the actress showed publicly, she defended herself and regretted that the actor, Marimar Vega’s ex-partner spoke like this about a woman.

«I’m here, getting ready to feel prettier, prettierwhich is something that not everyone thinks and, for example, Horacio Pancheri is respectable. Today I woke up with a message from Horacio insulting me, used a word that “I would never dare to use it, saying that I am an ugly woman,” she said.

«I respect your opinion and I know that you wanted to send that message to someone else, but at this moment in the world, With everything that’s going on, how positive is it to share these kinds of things? for comments like yours “many women who repress themselves and do not feel pretty,” she added; His response was supported by more colleagues in the entertainment industry, like Danna Paola.

Danna Paola criticizes Horacio Pancheri

Although Horacio Pancheri claims that his Instagram account was hackedand that he would not have been Who sent that message to the Mexican actress?few believe in the actor’s statement that From Twitter he announced his version and explained that he defends and respects her.

However, the actress’s brother, Enrique Zendejas He came to his sister’s defense and made a recommendation to Pancheri: «Someone tell the Lord that, instead of giving an opinion on the beauty of women, take acting classes,” he wrote.

Danna Paola did not remain silent and criticized the words of the Argentine protagonist of melodramas like “Conquer the Past”:

“Ha! The old reliable…regardless of your lame excuse, shield yourself instead to ask for an apology, feed more men like you continue believing that calling a woman ‘ugly’ is correct. Your reaction is disappointing.”

Not only Danna had a negative opinion about Horacioso are dozens of the actor’s followers, who on Instagram are leaving several comments about it.

«Now to FACE the consequences daddy. Tie your balls and apologize like a little man he is. I won’t be rude because neither It’s about returning what We already know it’s wrong. It’s about being a better person and acting in the face of horrible things. what’s happening in the world, be polite and show what our parents teach usIt’s about respecting the most beautiful thing we have, women”, reads among the messages of attack and mockery: “I only came to see how they give you the drag of your life, I hope you learn that with women (except with Mexican ones) They should not be included. Hit him hard!