Danny Trejo files for bankruptcy over millions in debt

The actor said that until now he is bankrupt due to a mistake he made when deducting taxes.

Danny Trejo, an actor who is one of the best known in Hollywood and gained popularity playing the character Machete, recently spoke about his financial problems and declared that he is bankrupt due to a debt of two million dollars, that is, approximately 37 millions of pesos.

The actor spoke to TMZ and revealed that he has a debt with the tax authorities because for several years he made a mistake when deducting his taxes and now he is bankrupt, but fortunately for Danny Trejo, this does not affect his business.

It must be remembered that the famous man has a record label, cafeterias, a donut shop and his stand called Trejo’s Tacos.

Danny Trejo pointed out that all the businesses he has are owned by some corporations and LLCs, so the financial problems he is facing right now are not related to the productivity of his companies.

The actor also pointed out that he expects his debt to the Treasury to end in 2024, since he hopes that within a year he will be able to pay what he owes.

Until now, Danny Trejo has not given more details about how he realized the mistake he was making and the million-dollar debt that he must now pay and that has made him declare bankruptcy.