Daughter of Luis Ángel ‘El Flaco’ drowned on the beaches of Mazatlán dies

The daughter of singer Luis Ángel ‘El Flaco’ Franco loses her life.

The daughter of singer Luis Ángel ‘El Flaco’ Franco drowned on the beaches of Mazatlán.

María Fernanda, 21 years old, is adoptive daughter of the singer from Mazatlán, Luis Ángel ‘El Flaco’ Franco. The young woman’s mother was a partner of the ex-vocalist of the hidden; María Fernanda was the half-sister of Ángela, daughter of the Mexican regional singer, who is currently 19 years old, and Luis, 13 years old.

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The unfortunate events occurred in Cerritos beach in the area known as Estereo del Yugo.

Lifeguard elements tried to rescue the young woman who was swimming with another person, but had no luck saving her.

The body of young María Fernanda will be watched in private, RIP.

“Dear friends, family and colleagues in the press; It is with deep sadness that I have to announce the departure of my beloved daughter, María Fernanda. It is the greatest pain one can feel. I appreciate all the messages of support and love that I have received, I will be able to answer them later.

I beg your understanding for the deep pain of this hard moment and I will appreciate your empathy to respect my privacy. Thank you for understanding him ”, are the words he wrote Luis Angel “El Flaco” through a statement.

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