David Faitelson revealed what Canelo Álvarez lacks to be the best pound for pound

David Faitelson denied that Canelo Álvarez is the best in the world (Photo: Joe Camporeale / REUTERS) (Joe Camporeale /)

David Faitelson’s dislike of Saul’s boxing style Canelo Álvarez is not a novelty. Although the most recent achievements of the boxer from Guadalajara have made him a forceful candidate to be recognized as the best pound for pound in the world, the controversial sports journalist considered that his qualities and success are not sufficient reason to grant him the place of honor. In that sense, he assured that there are traits he lacks in his fighting.

During his speech in the program “A los Golos”, of the chain ESPN, the student of José Ramón Fernández gave his criteria to consider a boxer as the best in the world. In the same way, he denied that the spectacularity and the number of titles obtained in a short period of time are decisive to achieve it.

“If we go to what, in my opinion, is the best pound for pound in the world, for me it is the one who attacks the best, the one who defends the best, the one who takes the blows the best, the one who walks backwards the best, the one who best takes shots from different angles, the one that is intelligent to plan the fight that needs and to adjust on top of the ring ”, considered.

Canelo Álvarez knew how to take control against Billy Joe Saunders after the British took the reins from him (Photo: Jerome Miron-REUTERS)
Canelo Álvarez knew how to take control against Billy Joe Saunders after the British took the reins from him (Photo: Jerome Miron-REUTERS) (Jerome Miron /)

According to the description provided during his speech, the journalist prefers versatile boxing style and not frontal like the one that the tapatío has shown. It is worth mentioning that Canelo has been characterized as an athlete who likes to sacrifice his comfort zone for the closeness with his rivals. In ensogados, he prefers shorten the distance to your opponents and take a few punches in exchange for executing the best shots in your repertoire, which are mostly hooks.

Secondly, Canelo Álvarez has been able master the waist movement over the years, a quality that has made him an elusive target for boxers who have sought to hurt him at close range. Their reflexes and ability to avoid impacts have even been evidenced. out of the ring, when in the altercation with Caleb Plant that occurred during a press conference, he managed to avoid a slap at close range.

Similarly, the man from Guadalajara has gained experience so as not to lose control of his matches. On his way to the undisputed title of the 168 pounds, the boxer who was more close to imposing his style was Billy joe saunders. The Brit was able to dominate the fifth and sixth rounds, but in the seventh and eighth, Canelo regained control and ended the commitment by technical knockout. In his fight with Caleb Plant, he was more focused, despite the rivalry between them.

Canelo Álvarez - Ilunga Makabu
Canelo Álvarez set his next cruiserweight target against Ilunga Makabu (Photos: Instagram @canelo / @ ilungamakabu.official)

In that sense, he reaffirmed that his favorite candidate to hold said recognition, for better complying with the requirements he enunciated, is the American Terence Crawford. For his ability to “understand and read the fight, for me the most complete of all is Terence Crawford, above Saúl Canelo Alvarez “.

Despite the peculiar criteria that Faitelson has established to name a character with the title of best pound for pound of the moment, he recognized that what the man from Guadalajara has obtained in the most recent year should be considered as a wonderful feat.

“To win all the 168-pound belts and rise as the absolute champion, as the only champion. Show supremacy over rivals, adapt very well to weight conditions and have won titles in different categories. If we go to that, it is the Canelo (the best boxer of the moment worldwide) “, I consider.


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