David Zepeda spoke about the rumors that he is fighting with Fernando Colunga: ‘The truth comes to light’

David Zepeda’s name came up a lot during the auditions for “El maleficio”.


A few weeks ago, it was rumored that David Zepeda he was not going to act in the remake of “El maleficio” due to an alleged dispute with Fernando Colunga; However, the actor clarified the rumors in an exclusive interview for TVyNovelas.

The name of David Zepeda was heard a lot during the auditions for “El maleficio”, a remake produced by José Alberto Castro and which will hit the Las Estrellas screen on Monday, November 13; however, The actor did not reach an agreement for various reasons that had nothing to do with that rivalry with Fernando Colunga spread by a magazine.

What happened between David Zepeda and Fernando Colunga? In a chat with this medium, the actor spoke to us of his professional projects and how he takes life now that he has just turned 50 years old. Regarding his colleague, Zepeda wanted to clarify all the speculations that arose on social networks.


David Zepeda was forceful when pointing out that meet Fernando Colunga since 2010, when they performed in “Soy tu dueña”and since then they have had a respectful friendship, totally removed from the alleged lawsuits that have been invented for them.

“He is an actor with a long career, we have already worked and there is a lot to learn from him, he is a very committed actor”

“Nothing that was said is true; I have known Fernando for many years, when we did the telenovela ‘Soy tu dueña’ (2010), alongside Lucero, Since then there has been a very loving relationship, a friendship of years, I have great respect for himand it was other issues beyond his control that prevented me from participating in the project (‘The Hex’)”.

“We talked about it, but it didn’t happen, that’s how things are on television. More than the casts, I pay a lot of attention to the stories, the producers; There are some that I have not worked with yet, but I would like to,” said the artist during the presentation of a watch brand in Mexico City.

He is not concerned about rumors and speculation. “I don’t like to clarify, but I did clarify that so that there were no misunderstandings; The truth always comes to light. There are no differences, there are no fights“He is an actor with a long career, we have already worked and there is a lot to learn from him, he is a very committed actor.”