“Dead woman walking”: harsh media response to Liz Truss’s statements after canceling her tax plan

Prime Minister Liz Truss, during a press conference (Daniel Leal/Pool via REUTERS/File) (POOL/)

British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, He was fighting this Tuesday to stabilize his position and stay in office after an economic collapse forced her to take a humiliating turn on her plan for tax reforms, putting her future as a leader in doubt.

“It is difficult to conceive of a more serious political and economic crisis in recent times than the one facing Britain now”wrote the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph in an editorial.

The newspaper, which previously supported Truss, wrote that the prime minister faced “the ignominy” of becoming the country’s second longest-serving president in historyunless his own parliamentarians gave him “room to breathe”.

The Daily Mailanother newspaper close to the conservatives, summed up the Truss situation with an eloquent “Dead woman walking” (Dead woman walking), the expression used to refer to those sentenced to death.

Daily Mail
“Dead woman walking”, headlined the “Daily Mail”

Truss is due to meet with her cabinet on Tuesday and try to garner the support of Conservative MPs., some of whom have said publicly that she has no future as prime minister. The Daily Mail wrote that MPs who met Truss on Monday compared the premier to a “corpse uttering his own funeral eulogy.”

The right wing tabloid The Sun called Truss on Tuesday “The Phantom Prime Minister”while the leftist tabloid The Mirror described the situation ascatastrophic humiliation”.

All media, including the prestigious TheTimes, They also highlighted a survey of YouGov which showed that Truss has the support of just one Briton in ten, being the most unpopular political leader in the last two decades in the United Kingdom.

The embattled prime minister apologized Monday in an interview with the BBC to go “too far and too fast” with the reforms, a month after taking office.

This came after his new finance minister, Jeremy Huntin a brief televised statement on Monday, eliminated almost all debt-driven tax cuts announced last month in a budget by his fired predecessor, Kwasi Kwarteng.

Hunt told Parliament that he and Truss “agreed yesterday to reverse nearly all of the tax measures announced on the growth plan three weeks ago,” flanked by a somber-faced Truss.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, alongside Prime Minister Liz Truss, looks out at the House of Commons, in London, Britain, on Oct. 17, 2022. (UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/REUTERS)
British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, alongside Prime Minister Liz Truss, looks out at the House of Commons, in London, Britain, on Oct. 17, 2022. (UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/REUTERS) (JESSICA TAYLOR /)

The announcement came when the ruling Conservative party sank in opinion polls amid setbacks and Britain’s worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Truss was due to face parliament on Wednesday for a prime minister’s question session.

“Very British Blow”

The British media compared the Hunt’s dramatic intervention with a coup, Y The Telegraph depicted him in caricature form as a decorated Generalissimo “taking temporary control to stabilize the situation.”

The Telegraph Cartoon
New Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt was portrayed as a coup military man representing the IMF and the British treasury to “take momentary control to stabilize the situation” (The Telegraph/screenshot)

“It was a very British coup. So polite you almost could have missed it”, wrote the progressive daily TheGuardian.

The Conservative MP Roger Gale said Hunt had become “de facto prime ministeras several MPs publicly urged Truss to leave and others reportedly plotted to unseat her.

“I think his position is untenable.”, Conservative MP Charles Walker told SkyNews. “If she doesn’t leave right now, it won’t be her decision.”, he warned.

The Minister of the Armed Forces, james heappeyassured the British media on Tuesday morning that Truss had “appropriated” his mistakealthough he admitted that he could not repeat such mistakes.

When SkyNews asked if Truss was “prime minister in name only”Heappey insisted: “She’s been very honest about the mistake that was made and apologized for it… There’s leadership in doing that.”

But he admitted thatgiven how skittish our policy is… I don’t think there’s an opportunity to make any more mistakes.”

Truss fired his close friend Kwarteng on Friday after his tax cut budget caused bond yields will skyrocket and the pound crashes to record low in dollars over fears of a skyrocketing rise in UK debt, fueling intense speculation about his political future a month after taking office.

Liz Truss and former minister Kwasi Kwarteng (Stefan Rousseau/REUTERS/file)
Liz Truss and former minister Kwasi Kwarteng (Stefan Rousseau/REUTERS/file) (POOL/)

Truss had already made two U-turns on the budget, eliminating tax breaks for the wealthiest and corporate profits.

Hunt’s strategy changes included reducing the Truss announced £2,500 limit on energy bills for all Britons from two years to six months, after which he promised a new approach.

Hunt estimated that changes in taxes would raise around 32 billion pounds (36 billion) per year, after economists estimated that the government faced a 60 billion pound black hole. He also warned of deep spending cuts.

Hunt’s announcements on Monday caused the British pound will soar against the dollar and the eurowhile bond yields fell.

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