Deep Web: myths and truths from the other side of the internet that does have positive services

The Deep Web may not be as bad as some believe (Photo: REUTERS / Kacper Pempel) (Kacper Pempel /)

Access to Internet It has opened the doors to the digital world for us. There you can get or do practically anything; friends, following artists, discovering music, ordering food at home, buying gum or even a car.

All these things are found on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Uber, among others that appear on search engines What Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox when indexed to the Surface Web and anyone can access them.

And although there is a large number of information that could sometimes be infinite, it only represents a tiny layer of the internet, since there are other hidden pages stored in what is known as the Deep web or Deep Web.

cybersecurity woman Pexels
The Deep Web contains various content (Photo: from Pexels)

Not as bad as they paint it

Although, there you can find topics illegal such as child pornography, murder videos, narcotics, hiring hackers and more, there is also other type of information that does not have a minimum relationship with it, such as intranet of companies where thousands of workers access daily.

“In it we can find, like the Surface Web, thousands of page options on variety of information What can be academic, databases, all that information that you don’t want to be visible from the Surface Web it is hosted on the Deep Web ”, Marisol Hernández Rojas, a member of Womcy (Women in Cybersecurity) in Mexico, told Infobae México.

In other words, it is possible that when reading this note, anyone has accessed the Deep Web without knowing it, because it even stores more information than the Surface Web.

If you wondered how it is possible, the answer is easy. Previously, it was mentioned that their platforms are not indexed, however they have a link and by having it you can enter. Banking companies, academic journals, and more can have their sites hosted there to keep them private and not appear in Google searches, for example.

Deep web (Photo: Special)
In the Deep Web there are sales of passports or apocryphal licenses, however, in some countries like Mexico there are sites where it is known that they can be obtained personally (Photo: Special)

What we find on the Deep Web

To access the available sites requires a tor browser, but also, access the Hidden Wiki (or a similar one) with a gallery of addresses on the different sites found there.

Although there are sections on illegal aspects, there are also others that have a more academic style. For example, in the section “Books”Or books, there are a series of links where you can to download and read texts for free. Some of those sites are: Imperial Library of Trantor, Coomic Book Library or Libraries.

The above shows that, similar to the Surface, there is a great variety of topics and that it is not as bad as some youtubers or influencers have disclosed to generate controversy.

Dark Net

Now that it’s cleared up the “fame” that has been made to the Deep Web, is not entirely true, it can be said that there is another layer within it known as Dark Net or Dark Web, where there are sites where experts recommend not browsing.

Deep web (Photo: Special)
Most of the contents of the Dark Net are only visible through a payment with bitcoins (Photo: Special)

“Let’s say the Dark Net is a tiny portion of the Deep Web, where it is even more difficult to access, the Dark Net is where all those pages, mostly related to illegal content, are hosted, ”said Hernández Rojas.

To access these you also need a directory, since they are not visible. In addition, having passed all the filters, there is another one. On these sites the contents are not free, because in order to watch videos of rapes or murders, you must pay a share in cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the fact that the latter have a decentralized finance system and blockchain (Blockchain) are difficult to track, being ideal for acquiring illegal content online.

In conclusion, the Deep Web, although it is the first step to reach the Dark Net, hosts content that is not completely shady, since there is information that is far from illegality. Although, if you browse it with the curiosity of reaching the Dark Net, it is best to do it carefully so as not to download any malicious software and have some bitcoins.