Defense beat Unión, Patronato a Lanús and Aldosivi a Banfield at the start of the 21st date of the Professional League


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The date 21 of the Professional League has continuity in the Priest Bartolomé Grella with a duel of opposites. Patronato, who had to add to get out of the bottom of the table and increase his average, and achieved a great victory against Lanús 3-2 in a game with many emotions.

The eternal goal Jose Sand when the stopwatch Jorge Baliño had not yet marked the first quarter of an hour directed the triumph of the Garnet. And the opportunism of Ignacio Malcorra, in doubtful location due to a presumed advanced position, extended the difference for the team from the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

It was at 36 minutes when the local got the discount with a free kick from the left executed by Hector Canteros, Sebastian Sosa Sánchez He nodded back and Junior Arias He appeared with a left-footed shot to score his goal.

Those of Luis Zubeldia They went to the dressing room with the partial triumph in Paraná thanks to the enormous production of their interpreters.

However, in the second half the game entered a plateau and it seemed that Lanús was going to be able to control the result until he had two fatal minutes. It was at 31 ‘when Canteros himself hit a right hand that was nailed in the angle. In the next minute, the left back Facundo Cobos placeholder image he made a good play and played towards the middle for Sosa Sánchez who sent it to the net and the premises took an advantage which was the definitive result.

Until this date the Patron had won only one of his last 14 appearances in the LPF (in the middle he was also eliminated from the Argentine Cup at the hands of Boca). He should have resurfaced as soon as possible to avoid complications in the future. He currently has the second worst average in the First Division, surpassing only Aldosivi.

The Garnet, although he won in only two of his last six duels, he is in fourth place in the tournament with 35 units and accumulates a total of 54 points in the Annual Table, which places him settled in the South American Cup zone and in a position expectant to reach the Copa Libertadores.

On the next date, the Board of Trustees will be visiting Huracán, on Tuesday 23 (5:00 pm). While Lanús will receive Platense on Thursday 25 (19.15 hours).


Stadium: Priest Bartolomé Grella

Referee: Jorge Baliño

Television: Fox Sport Premium


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The first meeting of the day was a real battle for a place in the next Copa Sudamericana. At April 15 Stadium, Union measured his strength before Defense and Justice, and the teams staged a great spectacle loaded with goals.

The football party was overshadowed during the first half, when the match referee Silvio Trucco was forced to stop the actions due to the incidents that were observed in the local stands of the stadium April 15. The violent fanatics of the Tatengue they reacted when the Uruguayan Miguel Merentiel had put the Hawk in advantage and the misfits had no better idea than to start throwing projectiles on the field of play.

Internal fights in the center of the bar, clashes with the police and the desperate request of peace from the genuine fans were some scenes that marked a sad episode in the resumption of the championship. As a preventive measure, the Union authorities decided to open one of the dividing gates so that the families would not be involved in the fight.

One of the examples that captivated viewers was the desperate request of a man who had a girl in his arms and demanded the end of the incidents. Even the official transmission captured the moment in which the supporter asked one of the players to resume the game to contribute to the closure of the unfortunate event that a few started.

Finally, the commitment continued the team led by Gustavo Munúa reversed the score before halftime. Emanuel Brítez, upside down, and Claudio Corvalán, with a beautiful mid-distance punch, were the authors of the many that sealed the 2 to 1 before the protagonists went to the changing rooms.

However, in the plugin Walter bou complied with the Ex’s law in duplicate and in a few minutes he improvised two goals for Defense and Justice to celebrate the 3 to 2 in foreign territory.

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Stadium: April 15

Referee: Silvio Trucco


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The day’s activity culminated in the Stadium Florencio Sola, where two teams that sought to increase their averages and move away from the bottom of the standings were seen to face each other. In the south Aldosivi beat 2-0 Banfield in the match refereed by Fernando Espinoza placeholder image.

The meeting started with intensity and arrivals from both sides with Joel sonora and Giuliano Gallopo as the best performer in terms of Banfield’s football generation. While Aldosivi had Martin Cauteruccio very incisive and creating danger in the local area.

The drill did a little more and even had a very clear chance when Juan Pablo Alvarez He burst the crossbar with a shot only in front of the rival goal. Although minutes later Cauteruccio himself had a similar play, but from the floor, but he threw it very high.

In the complement Banfield was closer with more chances wasted by Álvarez.

However, it was the Mar del Plata team that broke zero at 59 minutes. It was a play down the left where Malcom Braida opened for Fernando Roman that shot a center that was connected from Cauteruccio.

Then the local went for the tie, but was met with the interventions of the goalkeeper Jose Devecchi who became the figure of his team.

In the epilogue, after several attempts by Banfield that lacked effectiveness, he suffered again in his goal with a goal against Alexis Maldonado after another play to the left of Aldosivi. The defender of the Drill wanted to clear, but sent it to the net.

In additional time Devecchi ratified his status as a figure of the party and saved a penalty to Jesus Dátolo, who kicked hard, but in an announced way to the right post.

It was a triumph for the team of Martin Palermo who was able to recover from the defeat against Boca Juniors on the last date. He is 17th in the table with 24 points and Banfield is 22nd with 21 points.

On the next day, on Tuesday 23 (19.15) Aldosivi will host San Lorenzo, while Banfield will visit Sarmiento in Junín, on Wednesday 24 (17.00).


Banfield: Facundo Cambeses; Emanuel Coronel, Alexis Maldonado, Luciano Lollo, Gustavo Canto; Nicolás Domingo, Giuliano Gallopo, Joel So Señora; Mauricio Cuero, Ramiro Enrique and Juan Pablo Álvarez. DT: Diego Dabove.

Aldosivi: José Devecchi; Rufino Lucero, Fabricio Coloccini, Marcos Miers, Fernando Román; Malcom Braida, Gastón Gil Romero, Leandro Maciel, Javier Iritier; Gabriel Hauche and Martín Cauteruccio. DT: Martin Palermo.

Stadium: Florencio Sola

Referee: Fernando Espinoza placeholder image

Television: TNT Sports

Positions table: