Denia Agalianou, the Greek actress who faces Aracely Arámbula in “La Madrastra”

Denia Agalianou refuses to judge her character as Paula in “La Madrastra”. “It is that I have made villains, villains… and some villains who kill! And that’s why I don’t think Paula is so bad.”

Paula is the woman who was engaged to Esteban (the millionaire and handsome businessman played by Andrés Palacios) until Marcia, Arámbula’s character, reappears. Marcia was in jail, accused of a murder she didn’t commit, and now she’s coming to recover her children and, by the way, Esteban… although that means putting Paula aside.

That’s where Paula confronts Marcia and yells at her: “You cheated on me! I trusted you and now you are going to marry Esteban”. And wham, she gives him a big slap.

Denia explains that this aspect of the story in the soap opera is what gives meaning to its villain. “She is not a woman who wants to do bad things but she is trapped in these circumstances.”

Denia is of Greek origin, she was born in Zacinto, a paradisiacal island in the Ionian Sea. She started her career as a model in a reality show in Greece and nine years ago she decided to move to Mexico to pursue an acting career.

Before “The Stepmother”, he effectively made villains take up arms in “The Lord of the Skies”, “The Dragon” and “My fortune is to love you”.

Now, in the telenovela starring Arámbula, he has found a Mexican friend who helps him understand better and better the idiosyncrasy of our country.”

“Andrés Palacios helps me with the pronunciation of Spanish and has taught me some phrases and words. He is a great friend,” he explains.