Depression put her on the canvas, but Violeta Isfel does not give up and tells us how she gets ahead

Isfel Violet The conversation begins serenely, but after a few minutes she breaks down and breaks into tears, something that has become “normal” in her daily life since she was diagnosed with depression. He interrupts the interview to ask for an apology, and it is heard that they tell him: “Courage, nothing happens; breathe and keep talking.” For the actress, who has been characterized by her sense of humor and sympathy, it is not easy to show her most vulnerable side, but she faces it bravely: “You don’t have to feel sorry, they can’t judge you or make you look down for having depression. Rather, you have to shout it out and ask for help, ”says the famous Anto from Dare to Dream, who has decided to help other people who are going through the same thing as her.

You were surprised to confess that you suffer from depression, why did you make it public? The reality is that the people around me and the audience that follows me influenced me, because they asked me a lot why I was absent on social networks. What I am living is not being easy at all, but I have a support network that is my family, which keeps me from falling and is with me; when I feel like crying they hug me and don’t leave me alone.

It’s good that you have someone to support you, because there are many people who are alone… Yes, I feel blessed to have a support network around me, so I thought I should generate support for other people who were like me. It is a message for all the people who are going through something like this, so that they know that they are not alone. Now I upload stories of what I eat or am doing; Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up, but I’m forcing myself to.

Is this the first time you feel like this? Yes, I had never felt anything like that, and if I ever felt anything like it, I didn’t know what it was or I didn’t give it so much importance. This very difficult test is the first time that I know what it is called, that I consciously live it and face it.

At what point did you realize that what you felt was not a low mood, but a depression? I had several symptoms: I felt very irritable with everything and everyone, the things I enjoyed doing no longer felt like it, I had apathy about everything, I didn’t want to take a shower or get ready and I just wanted to sleep all day. I had a strange skin irritation, and the trigger was my husband and son asking me if I was okay because I was acting so weird, it wasn’t me. I love to cook, take care of my family, and suddenly I didn’t want to do any of that. I love being in my restaurant, and suddenly I didn’t want to go anymore. There were several alarms that made me realize that things were not right with me.

And did you seek help? Yes, because of all that, I called a therapist because I wanted to know what was happening to me, and I was afraid that what I was experiencing would take him to my job and make me look bad in some project; I even got casting calls and I was too lazy to do them, and that’s something I love. After consultations and tests I was diagnosed with depression.

Since when was this? I spoke to the therapist before Christmas, but it took me two months to realize what I was feeling, but it may have been that way many months before.

Why did you fall into depression? My therapist explained to me that when the pandemic hit, maybe I focused on getting my family forward and focused on making sure everything was okay, but I didn’t care if I was emotionally okay. It could also be a consequence of the fact that my husband and I were looking to be parents and I had to go through a hormonal process, maybe that could have been a trigger. Mexican moms always try to be the most feisty, but we are not always heroines, we can also be fragile.

In the moments that anxiety attacks you, what gives you strength? (She cries.) That I want to recover, you don’t know how much I miss myself; I long to enjoy with my son, who is the best son that life could give me, he always knows when to hug me. I want to recover the taste for the things I love to do, it’s as if I had lost Violeta. What gets me up in the morning is that there are other people who see me who are going through the same thing and expect a word of encouragement or motivation from me.

How are your loved ones supporting you? My son is accompanying me to train, my husband too, even though he is not much of an exerciser; a friend is helping me cook, so I want to share that support network. I’m also taking an herbal treatment to see if it works, and if not, no way, I’ll have to take medication if necessary. It has been very therapeutic for me to be sharing my process. At Isfel Burguers I am going to take doses of my natural treatment for those who need it.

How do you currently feel? I’m living one day at a time. At times I break down, I’m very lazy, I don’t want to do anything, but I don’t let it be a constant anymore. I learned to take it at my own pace and I am giving myself a chance; I promised myself that at least five days a week I should be more active. I feel good, I feel protected by my family and by the people around me; and I have a great commitment to continue helping people. I’m going there, it’s not over, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be like this, but I hope it won’t be long.