Derailed a freight train in Crimea after an explosion: “There will be no peace on the peninsula as long as there are Russian terrorists there”

Derailed train in the Simferopol district, Crimea (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

A freight train derailed on Thursday in the annexed peninsula of crimea due to a bomb explosion on railway tracksaccording to local media.

The Crimean Railways company stated that the derailment, which caused no casualties, was due to “the interference by people outside rail transport”.

In the Simferopol region several wagons with grain derailed. no victims”, wrote on his Telegram channel the head of the Russian administration of Crimea, Sergei Axiónov, who did not specify the cause of the derailment.

He added that the work to repair the track has already begun and that for the moment buses have been arranged to transfer passengers between Simferopol and Bakhchisarai, a section in which the circulation of trains was interrupted.

The wagons transported grains and there were no injuries (Reuters)
The wagons transported grains and there were no injuries (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

In this regard, the representative of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine Andrii Yusov said about the explosion that “there will be no peace on the peninsula as long as there are Russian terrorists there”.

Weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles and other means used in the aggressive war against Ukraine are transported along these same roads, so it is natural that the roads deteriorate and stop working for some time.”, Yusov said in statements to the national television news service collected by the agency ukrinform.

Yusov’s statements follow the line usually followed by the Ukrainian authorities of neither claiming nor denying sabotage actions behind enemy lines and leaving open the possibility of Kiev’s responsibility.

The military intelligence representative added that “infrastructure in Crimea will return to normal operation when the peninsula” is back under kyiv control as established by international law.

(Reuters) (STRINGER /)

According to the independent media Asseta total of eight carriages derailed, five of which overturned, and nearly 50 meters of track were damaged.

The railway line in the area where the explosion occurred is a single track, so its repair, according to the Telegram channel The Bell, could take several days.

The Russian government, which has controlled Crimea since 2014, has denounced several alleged sabotage attempts on the railway infrastructure in recent months. kyiv, for its part, insists on regaining sovereignty over the area, which it considers to be occupied territory to the same extent as several regions in eastern Ukraine.

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