Designer Tommy Hilfiger launched a collection for disabled children

Tommy Hilfiger’s First Campaign for Children with Different Disabilities 162

Spring in the United States comes hand in hand with the first high fashion collection for children with disabilities to be launched by Tommy Hilfiger. These are tailored clothing, also known as ‘easy to wear’, designed for people who have difficulty dressing themselves product of a disability.

This range arises in collaboration with the Runway of Dreams organization, a brand that was founded under the concept that having a disability should not mean having limited clothing options.

Founder Mindy Scheirer experienced this dilemma firsthand. Their third son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and he went through “a daily struggle” to get him to wear only normal clothes.

Although clothing adapted for children existed, the offers were few. After extensive research, Scheirer reached out to brands like Target, Kohl, and Wal-Mart and completely tweaked the style.

Buttons and clasps were replaced with similar and washable magnetic fixings. The waist and sleeves of the pants were made fully adjustable for those with limb differences or low muscle tone. As well as velcro on shirts.

To take clothing to the next level, Scheirer wanted to collaborate with a well-known brand that is willing to adapt its own collections: Tommy Hilfiger.

This range stays true to Tommy’s style, including pants and boat shoes, of course.

And this is not just about a single collection, but Tommy’s designers have already closed the next two seasons as well.

The pieces will be priced similar to the original Hilfiger children’s fashion, ranging from $ 18.50 to $ 42.50.

“Our goal is to have an adaptable clothing department in each brand”Scheirer concluded