Did an Influencer suffer defeat by not being able to complete a challenge of eating tamales? This was what happened

Ale Minero is an influencer who completes food challenges.


In the world of influencers, challenges are a popular way to interact with followers and generate entertaining content. However, not all challenges end in victory, as influencer and street food eater Ale Minero recently demonstrated.

Ale Minero, known for his culinary exploits on YouTube, faced a challenge that seemed to be his Achilles heel: eating tamales. This challenge, which took place in a place in Iztapalapa, consisted of devouring a considerable amount of tamales.

The influencer began the challenge with confidence, surrounded by spectators and followers who were waiting to see another of his culinary victories. However, as time progressed, Ale Minero began to show signs of difficulty.

Despite his efforts, Ale Minero began belching, coughing, and moving his head from side to side repeatedly, clear signs that he was struggling. Although he requested a glass of Jamaican water to help get through the bites, the tamales’ corn masa proved to be an unexpected challenge.

Finally, at 19 minutes and 21 seconds, Ale Minero made a sign that he couldn’t take it anymore and quickly got up from his seat. This was his first notable setback in his food challenges, which generated various reactions among his followers.

Ale Minero breaks new record

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