Did he have a gun? Exclusively, Alfredo Adame clears up a street fight and challenges his opponents

After a fight on public roads between Alfredo Adame and a couple for a road incident, the driver defends himself from the woman who He accuses him on social networks of having threatened them with a gun.

In an exclusive interview with TV and novels Adame denies this version and challenges those involved to publish the alleged videos that they have in their possession and clarifies that the weapon that appears lying on the ground and that is removed by a passerby, was not his.


Alfredo, the woman in the video assures on social networks that you threatened them with a gun… They always bring out that I threatened them with a gun, remember when in front of my house we were towing a car and (in a fight) I took out my cane, then Trejo said that I took out a gun.

In one of the videos of the fight a man picks up a gun and hides it… It would be theirs because I don’t bring a gun, I bring a cane and pepper spray.

So they planted a gun on you? No, they brought it, the buddy (from the fight) must have dropped it because it wasn’t mine.

The woman says she has proof that you threatened them with the gun… If it’s true, let her publish it. When the incident happened in front of my house, they said that I had a pistol that had cut the cartridge and they never published a video where I have a pistol.

The version that you were armed is false… They are false and if he had taken it out it is called legitimate defense because they are beating you, stealing doing things, remember that in Mexico there is legitimate defense, this guy got into me and stole my cell phone.