Did Héctor Sandarti copy your style when driving ‘LCDLF’? Adela Micha thinks

The final of “The House of Celebrities” not only generated divided opinions about the triumph of Ivonne Montero, but also caused Adela Micha to compare the program with “Big Brother”.

The journalist told in her program that she spent a few minutes to watch the final of the Telemundo reality show and showed that it is clearly based on the program that she once hosted for Televisa.

He began to give his opinion on everything, and yes, he stressed that “nothing to do with the production of Big Brother… and then since they had already told me the gossip, where did that Zerboni come from? Finally I met this Zerboni that I don’t know where did it come from, and well, nothing, I saw it and Ivonne Montero won, and since Yolanda (Andrade) was Team Ivonne, we were Team Ivonne”.

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But later, Adela commented that she saw Héctor Sandarti’s way of driving, so her collaborators pointed out that he made pauses very similar to those of Micha in his time as a presenter of “Big Brother”. “I saw Sandarti and… He is also inspired,” said Adela, referring to the fact that Héctor mimicked his style.

“Furthermore, I paused, I made my silences, but when I was already there, people made a joke at me, then I lengthened it even more.. I remember when Verónica Castro was going to lead the VIP she spoke to me and said: ‘I’m your super fan, and I don’t want to do the same thing you do, I want to see you’, so we went to eat. I told him ‘it’s that you are you, and it will go very well for you being you’, you don’t want to do it with the breaks or as Víctor Trujillo”, Adela recounted.

Listen to their comments:

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