Did Julián appear to Maribel Guardia? The actress narrates a shocking dream that she had with her son

Maribel Guardia has gone through difficult times after the death of her son.


Maribel Guardia She still has not fully assimilated the death of her son, Julián Figueroa, and it is that the sudden death of the young man, which occurred on April 9, 2023, had a strong impact not only for her and the family, but for the world of entertainment in general.

The ashes of Julián Figueroa, in fact, remain in the home of the actress and singer, in Mexico City, and it seems difficult that one day they will be transferred to Juliantla, the birthplace of their famous father, Joan Sebastian.

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The memory of “Juliancito” is still alive within Maribel Guardia and, in fact, a few days ago, the singer she told several entertainment reporters who were waiting for her at the exit of the play “Lagunilla mi barrio” that had a shocking dream with Julián Figueroa related to the resurrection: these are the details.


Maribel Guardia told the media that she dreamed that she and her son were on board a very elegant, old-model black car: “He came with his hat and so I ask him ‘Julián, are you alive?’, he says: ‘Yes, mom’. And I, ‘but how, daddy, what are we going to tell people? If I cremated you.”

Julián’s response in the dream, Maribel assured, was “No mom, it’s that I resurrected; Don’t worry, I already resurrected”; After that, the singer continued, they both went “into a place full of green trees and fruits” after opening a golden box.

Maribel Guardia did not hesitate to point out that this dream has a very important meaning because Julian He passed away on Easter Sunday. The video of this interview was broadcast on social networks and on the YouTube platform, accumulating several comments where the fans dedicate words of encouragement to the model.