Did Julián Figueroa leave a will? Maribel Guardia gives details of her son’s inheritance

Julián Figueroa lost his life on April 9 of this year

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Maribel Guardia investigates whether her son, the singer Julián Figueroa, left a will, to give legality to the assets and these pass into the hands of her little grandson

Julián Figueroa, son of Maribel Guardia, died at the age of 27 after suffering a myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation. Four months have passed since the tragedy happened and the subject of the will of the young singer has come to light.

Julián Figueroa, also the son of Joan Sebastiancould have left a will, although Maribel has told the press that so far no legal document has been found indicating her wishes regarding the distribution of your assets.

Maribel Guardia also told the media that her family’s intention is not to fight for the inheritance that he has left his only son, since his main objective is that any legacy benefits his little grandson.

“They are looking to see if he left a will, but, in any case, since none of us is fighting that, it would be for the baby,” declared the beloved actress before the media that questioned her.

Maribel Guardia will make her will after the death of her son Julián

Before Julián Figueroa passed away unexpectedly, Maribel Guardia did not plan to make her willbecause he considered that his entire legacy would pass directly into the hands of his firstborn.

However, after the loss of her son, the singer also changed her mind and now wants to leave all her papers in order to ensure the well-being of her grandson, who, let us remember, is the only child of Julián Figueroa and Imelda Garza.

“I had not made a will. Now I am going to make a will because, obviously, everything mine was for Julián. Now it will no longer be like that, “said Maribel, adding:” It is that everything will remain in the name of José Julián and in any case, I imagine that Ime (his daughter-in-law) will manage it, but everything will be for the child”.

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