Did Pedro Infante fake his death? The speculation surrounding the mysterious tragedy

Pedro Infante did not die in 1957… or at least that is what many people believe.


Pedro Infante has become a topic of conversation on social networks after the premiere of the ViX bioseries, His name was Pedro Infante.and several Internet users have revived speculation theories related to the singer.

Why was his body never found? Pedro Infanteand how the singer allegedly lived in his last days, have been “breeding grounds” for several intriguing theories that have found thousands of followers over the years.

Pedro Infante is not the only famous person accused of faking his death: stars like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison and in recent years, Juan Gabriel, They have also been part of all kinds of theories. What is said in Mexico about Pedro Infante?


Pedro Infante died unexpectedly on April 15, 1957and although his death generated mourning both nationally and internationally, giving rise to a massive funeral where even “Cantinflas” carried the coffin for a few moments, The singer’s mortal remains were never shown, which began to generate suspicions.

Although the authorities assured that the remains of Pedro Infante had been charred by the plane crash, this explanation was not enough for many people, who ventured to speculate with the possibility that the entire accident had been faked by the singere to go live peacefully in a remote corner of Mexico, separated from fame and the spotlight.

Other theories stated that The plane crash had really happened, but Pedro Infante was very badly injured from that accident. and, fearful that people would see him disfigured by burns and disabled, he went to Yucatán to live out his last years.

For a long time, the residents of this region fueled speculation by adding that, in fact, Pedro Infante had even purchased several properties in the Entity, including hotels. Some people even said they had met him in person.which reaffirmed the belief that, in effect, the singer had faked his death.


Even “Cantinflas”, who carried Pedro Infante’s coffin, came out “muddy” in these rumors when speculation was released that The comedian allegedly had the singer hidden in a ranch in Pachuca. “Cantinflas”, on some occasion, also declared that Infante was still alive, which only fueled the rumors.

It has been 66 years since the plane crash that took the life of Pedro Infanteand these theories surrounding his death only show us the enormous affection that the singer earned among his fans, who in one way or another They have refused, over the years, to feel abandoned by their idol.