Did RBD fire his manager for fraud? This is what Maite Perroni said about the rumors

The absence of Guillermo Rosas in the last RBD concerts unleashed all kinds of speculation.


RBD’s return to the stage was clouded by a disturbing rumor that grew stronger as the days went by: the departure of Guillermo Rosas, who was the band’s manager for several years. What did Maite Perroni say about it?

Guillermo Rosas had already worked with RBD since the band’s beginnings in the soap opera Rebel and continued to support her on all the musical tours they took before their separation.

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With the reunion of RBD for the tour I’m Rebel Tour, Guillermo Rosas he joined the project again; however, soon rumors of alleged favoritism towards Anahí and fraud They began to tarnish the name of the manager, so there were many media outlets that reported the release of this important piece for the band.

Was Maite Perroni who, approached by several reporters, was in charge of clarify several rumors regarding Guillermo Rosas: Was RBD’s manager fired, was there favoritism with Anahí? These were the singer’s statements.


It was in a talk that Maite Perroni had with journalists at the Mexico City International Airport that the singer was questioned about Guillermo Rosaswhose absence was noticeable in the last concerts of the I’m Rebel Tour.

“We started a cycle with him, we were sharing with him the beginning of this entire tour and then we continued on”

Maité Perroni revealed that, in effect, Guillermo Rosas is no longer part of RBD after several years of collaboration:

“We started a cycle with him, we were sharing with him the beginning of this entire tour, some concerts, and then we moved on (…) he is no longer part of the team,” the singer explained.

About the alleged allegations of fraud that weigh on Guillermo Rosas, Maite Perroni was cautious with her wordswithout mentioning the complaints directly:

“At this moment, the truth is that we cannot give that type of statement that makes a statement like that. We are only announcing the administrative closure of the tour and later we will be able to have more clarity about things,” she explained.


One of the rumors against Guillermo Rosas that gained more strength in recent weeks indicated that the former RBD manager had a certain favoritism towards Anahíwell the singer supposedly received special treatmentdifferent from the other members of the band.

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Maité Perroni ruled out this possibility, by ensuring that this alleged favoritism towards Anahí It was just a false perception, since he never noticed anything like that during the tour:

“No, I think that is other people’s perception and it is not important,” he said.