Did you copy the look? Emilio Osorio presents a new single and looks almost the same as Nicola Porcella

Emilio Osorio and Nicola Porcella


Emilio Osorio continues to consolidate his career as a soloist and released a new song titled: “Sí o sí”, which he presented at an intimate event attended by journalists, family members, some fans and, as a surprise, the finalist of La Casa de los Famosos México, Nicola Porcella.

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The young singer presented the theme, a romantic ballad, with a live band, visuals, led screens, colored lights and pyrotechnics. In addition, he gave away little red foam hearts.

The protagonist of the series The heart is never wrong, who rose to fame for his character “Aristemo”, He showed himself with an image totally detached from his previous looks.

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I’m more me and now I don’t care what people think. I am focused on working and demonstrating it with quality. A lot of people didn’t like the eyes (the makeup), but for the first time I’m taking a risk to be me,” said Juan Osorio’s son.

What caught our attention was that the style with which Emilio promotes the single is very similar to that of Nicola Porcella, who accompanied the singer in his presentation.

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Emilio “Halcón”, as he now calls himself, appears elegantly dressed in a dark suit with an open chest, eye makeup and a hairstyle identical to Porcella’s. Is it coincidence or imitation of the style?