Did you know? Luis Miguel paid 80 thousand pesos to Adela Noriega to appear in this music video

In the video, Luis Miguel is seen singing passionately on stage while a smiling Adela Noriega watches him.

YOUTUBE/Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is back on stage, and he did it with a bang with his incredible “Luis Miguel Tour 2023” which is already giving something to talk about. The singer’s figure has been the subject of attention for several weeks, and it is not uncommon for curious anecdotes from “El Sol” to be remembered, such as this one that happened with Adela Noriega.

In the 80’s, both Luis Miguel like Adela Noriega already They were two recognized figures in the world of entertainment; On the one hand, “El Sol” never stopped conquering with her performances, while, on the other hand, Adela Noriega was establishing herself as one of the most popular youth actresses.

The talent and beauty of Adela Noriega ended up conquering Luis Miguel, who did not hesitate to do everything possible to meet the actress, since he was obsessed with her and He did not hesitate to pay a huge amount of money to appear in one of his music videos.. Do you want to know this interesting story?


According to sources close to Luis Miguel, the singer was so interested in Adela Noriega who did not hesitate to pay him a large sum of money to appear in the music video of one of his 1984 hits.

We are talking from the video clip of the song “Palabra de honor”, work that is available on YouTube and where we can see, alternately, the face of Luis Miguel and Adela Noriega who play a couple in love.

In reality, they say, Luis Miguel was in love with Adela Noriega, so In his eagerness to meet her, he instructed his work team to hire the actresswho appeared in the video for “Palabra de honor” after paying him… 80 thousand pesos!

The anecdote was not only about the money, Well, they claim that Luis Miguel also dedicated this song to Adela Noriega. There is no doubt that the singer was truly “Golden”!