Did Yuya and Siddhartha get married? This is the comment to the Santa Fe Klan that would have confirmed their wedding

Yuya and Siddhartha have a baby, Mar, although they also keep him out of the spotlight.


Four years ago, Yuya and Siddhartha revealed that they were dating as a couple. However, both the influencer and the musician have decided to keep their relationship away from the public eye, although yes, publishing some photos for her followers of the family moments they spend with her son, Mar.

Due to the extreme discretion that Yuya and Siddhartha have maintained regarding their life as a couple, further details about it are unknown: where they met, how their courtship began, or even if they have already decided to get married or are simply living together.

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On this point, The mystery seems to have been solved thanks to a simple comment made to the rapper Santa Fe Klan during an event of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) held this October 12. So, are Yuya and Siddhartha married or not?


Siddhartha attended this event as a guest of honor to receive the SACM 2023 Success recognition for the song “00:00″… and he did so accompanied by “his wife”, or at least that’s what they told him. Santa Fe Klan.

It was in fact at that event that a person reunited the couple with the Santa Fe Klan. The rapper didn’t miss the opportunity to congratulate Siddhartha on “00:00″ with a compliment:


@Iamsiddhartha and @Santa Fe Klan 🔥

♬ original sound – INDIE 222

“You make your voice as if it were a guitar, that’s cool”he commented, something that Siddhartha appreciated before the rapper continued on his way.

It was at that moment that the same person who brought them together introduced Yuya as Siddhartha’s wife: “Hello, I want to tell you that you are very genuine, it feels like that. “You know what, you are honest,” the influencer commented. to the rapper.

The moment was shared through the TikTok account @indie222_and immediately accumulated several comments from people who did not overlook the presentation of Yuya as Siddhartha’s wife:

“Has anyone else heard that Yuya is introduced as Siddhartha’s wife?”, “They are already husbands”, “Did I hear wife!?”, “His wifeaaaa! They are already married,” some of the users wrote.