Diego Boneta conquers on and off the screen

in the new romantic comedy by Diego Boneta starring him and Monica Barbaro, At Midnight, that arrives today to paramount +, the american actress has managed to fulfill the dream of many fans, star in a love story with the actor, and not only that, but in an interview for a newspaper of national circulation assured that his co-star he is as charming as the character who embodies the story.

“He was so adorable that even many times it was very difficult to know like Am I falling in love with Diego or Alejandro? (In fiction),” she shared with a laugh.

“It’s really amazing to work with him. he is the best, we had a lot of fun on set even in the middle of the pandemic and we had time to spend some time before together and rehearse our scenes de dance and talk about our characters. Everything was very nice andthen I would say that it is even much more charming in real life,” he said.

“I paid him to say that, I gave him some tacos,” added Diego Boneta with a laugh.

In the plot the Mexican plays a hotel employee who accidentally runs into with a local guest (Barbarian), while she is in vacation trying to get away from a courtship which ended in failure. Their talks at midnight they make little by little both achieve create a connection that will make them live a romantic love storynot sure where it will lead them.

The film had locations in different sites of Mexico resulting in the perfect pretext for the actress managed to get to know the country from another perspective with Boneta as guide, and this was precisely another of the goals What did the Mexican have? exalt everything enriching that the country in which he grew up has.

“Knowing Mexico City with Diego was the best, because, he doesn’t like to admit this but things happen like getting to a crowded restaurant and to think that surely you will not enter and suddenly he appears and they immediately invite him in, so it was like having the key to the city in the best sense. And then he teaches you how to eat the food, knows its history and knows the areas very well so it was great and a lot of fun, he was the best tour guideWell, it’s much more than that. but thanks, you’re great,” said the 32-year-old artist.

“I wanted it to be a love story but also a love letter to Mexico, because i can’t think of another hollywood movie or in another romantic comedy filmed one hundred percent in Mexico, then it gave me a lot of pride and happiness Being able to show that country that we are proud of with landscapes in the Riviera Maya and in CDMX, everything was very special,” added the 32-year-old actor.

The production is special for Boneta also because it represents the face of his production house Three Amigos, being the first film that already makes it adds the team who accompanied him in this, counting on the director Jonah Feingoldthe producer Fred Berger (La la land)director michel frank (New order) as executive producer and even his sister Natalia Boneta who acts as executive co-producer.

“Mexico is very important to me, it’s like another character inside of movie and that and the team behind it is what I feel precisely that makes this movie feel so different and special.

“It was mixing a team with the best of Mexico and Hollywood, there is Michel Franco producing this with meFred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Sinister), Jonah and the rest of the work team is one hundred percent Mexican And I think that fusion is what makes it different and magical”, celebrated the protagonist.

Since some years The Mexican has proven to be determined to break borders and that’s how it has succeeded Leaping into Hollywood with productions like rock age and Terminator: Dark Fate.

also gained popularity with his leading role as Luis Miguel for Netflix in Luis Miguel The series and his role in New order, but it is something that he has pursued not only in acting but now also as a producer, creator and now entrepreneur.

On his visit to the capital also included the release of his new tequila Head on.

Tequila is intended for a Mexico contemporary, “a soft and honest drink”, emphasized the actor in his social networks.

“There is nothing that fills me with more pride and happiness than being able to carry the name of Mexico high to the world. and being able to work here and abroad and being already producing, I feel so lucky and grateful.

“But I am still learning a lot and I want to learn more, grow more and keep improving And I feel very lucky to have him. support to do it”

Also in love too live your own romantic story on the side of the also actress Renata Notny, with whom things they seem to walk excellentlyso if I had to sum up everything you feel after the goals and dreams achieved in recent years it would be gratitude.

“There is nothing that fills me more with pride and happiness than that the power to carry the name of Mexico raised to the world and being able to work here and abroad and being already producing, I feel so lucky and grateful.

“But I am still learning a lot and I want to learn more, grow more and continue to improve and I feel very lucky to be able to count with the support to do it”, he concluded excitedly.