Dior names BTS Jimin as global brand ambassador

Since 2019 there has been a relationship between the artist and the fashion house.

K-pop singer in BTS, Jimin jumped from a famous music career to the world of fashion after becoming the global ambassador for Dior, the fashion house announced on Monday.

On social networks, the French fashion brand Dior revealed that the new global ambassador, in charge of showing the coveted men’s garments, would be the main vocalist of the boy band BTS, Jimin.

“The House is delighted to announce BTS’s Jimin as Dior’s new global ambassador. […] The singer now lends his image to creations by the Artistic Director of Dior’s men’s collections, Mr. Kim Jones,” the publication says.

This post was shared alongside a photo of Jimin wearing an ensemble designed by Dior creative director Kim Jones, which shows the BTS member wearing a ‘Beach Glass’ fishnet jacket, olive green cashmere pants and boots. for rain of the same color. This outfit was accompanied by a snail necklace.

It should be noted that Kim Jones, the manager of the fashion brand Dior, has collaborated on different occasions with the South Korean band BTS.

Therefore, Jimin’s appointment as an ambassador to reveal part of the 2023 summer collection reinforces that friendship.