Discover terrifying message in your Shein order

The tiktoker published a video where he explains that a threatening message came inside his package.

Making purchases online is something that is more common today, even when we ask for something we usually wait for it with eagerness and happiness, because we are going to receive something we wanted to buy.

The young woman’s story went viral on the crotos video platform, in which she recounts what happened to her when she bought clothes for Shein, because when she received her package the woman got an unpleasant surprise, because inside she found a terrifying message.

In the profile of the user @michigansmiles84, known as Amanda, the video in which the young woman explained that she discovered a frightening message inside the order she had made in Shein, went viral.

The young woman had bought a pink dress, when she took it out of the bag she realized that some papers from the packaging had fallen out, and it was in one of them that a creepy phrase came that filled her with fear. “You are going to die in this suit,” said the phrase on the paper that came with the young woman’s request.

The situation scared Amanda, who immediately decided to start recording to document the event on Tiktok and notify the Shein platform of what happened and request an explanation about the message she received within her purchase.

Such was the scare that the young woman explained that she decided not to put on the dress and return it directly to Shein.

Amanda also pointed out that she reported what happened to her package to the police and explained to Internet users that it is not a setup, assuring that what happened to her was real.