Disney Cruises Will Require Children Over 5 Years Old To Be Vaccinated

View of a ship of the Disney Cruise Line shipping company (Photo: EFE) (EFEI0499 /)

All passengers wishing to board a company cruise Disney over 5 years old must be vaccinated against COVID 19 from January 13, 2022. The policy of the company has been from the beginning require proof of vaccination to all those who are authorized to be inoculated.

Until a month ago, only those over 12 years of age could receive the vaccine against the coronavirus, but at the beginning of the month the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control, also acronyms that come from the name in English), authorized and recommended that the vaccine developed by Pfizer be placed in children as young as 5 years old.

Thus, until now, children between the ages of 5 and 11 were not required to have proof of vaccination. The company decided to give parents two months so they have time to vaccinate their children, but considered that as of January 13 it has to be a requirement.

Passengers who are not vaccinated, because they are under 5 years old, must present a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to boarding.. Until January 13, children between the ages of 5 and 11 must also be PCR negative. Rapid tests are not accepted to allow unvaccinated passengers to board.

In the image, a general view of the cruise
In the image, a general view of the cruise ship “” Disney Magic “” (Photo: EFE) (MAR VILA /)

Since the return of cruise ship operations, the issue of children has been a headache. After cruise ships became sources of contagion at the beginning of the pandemic until they closed operations, with the return of the industry, everything was based on the vaccines. The safety offered by these large ships is based on very strict cleaning protocols, new air filters and ensuring that the vast majority of people on board were vaccinated. The CDC advised from the outset that at least 95% of the passengers were vaccinated.

This rule was very limited to families with children. The children could not yet be inoculated and few of them would be able to get on such a cruise. Most of the cruise companies based their promotions back to sea with offers for couples without children.

But in the case of Disney cruises, the main audience is children. It is difficult for a family without children to decide to take this type of cruise. Therefore today’s announcement puts them back in the job arena as they have not been able to do so since March 2020.

Although cruise lines have been operating since the summer of this year, the recovery of this industry is slower than that of others. For starters, most companies still offer boats with limited passengers. The most luxurious companies continue to offer trips where only one 30% of passengers occupy the cruise ship, to ensure social distance.

Tours continue to be a problem for this industry. Once the passengers arrive at the different ports, the company has to make sure that passengers do not get COVID at the destinations and take it to the ship. For this reason, for the most part, companies only authorize passengers to take tours in the destinations organized by them to limit contact with locals, which has discouraged many from choosing this type of tour.

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