Disney wants to bet on the metaverse and more sports streaming broadcasts

Disney. (photo: El Universal)

Disney today reiterated its commitment to expand sports broadcasting options, and the head of Disney, Bob Chapekconfirmed that the company is bidding for a Sunday NFL ticket.

Disney also plans to innovate its product around sports-focused features, and the plans of metaverse they are still standing.

Chapek confirmed the information about the Sunday NFL ticket in an interview with CNBC in which he talked about Disney’s first quarter revenue for fiscal 2022.

When asked by Julia Boorstin, the interviewer of the aforementioned medium, if securing the rights is on Disney’s roadmap, Chapek replied: “we are bidding for it” and added ”If the investment creates value for Disney shareholders, we will do it. We’ll go ahead and do it, but as soon as it doesn’t, we’ll back off.”

Bob Chapek.  (photo: CNBC)
Bob Chapek. (photo: CNBC)

During the company’s earnings call, Chapek again emphasized that sports programming is an important part of the company’s broadcast strategy, promoting the success of the program in ESPN.

“Sporting events remain the most powerful draw on television, accounting for 95 of the top 100 most-watched live broadcasts in 2021. And ESPN once again set the bar this quarter with live games in each of our top four American sports. , including groundbreaking Monday night with Peyton and Eli.” Chapek said.

“Disney will add alternate programming for UFC, golf and college football events over the course of the next three years,” it added.

Illustrative file photo of the Disney logo Mar 24, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
Illustrative file photo of the Disney logo Mar 24, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic (DADO RUVIC/)

But Disney’s sports strategy is not limited to the acquisition of rights and the scope of the interaction of the game, especially since the legalization process continues without any real details about its form.

“While multi-platform television and streaming will continue to be the foundation of sports coverage for the foreseeable future, we believe the opportunity for The Walt Disney Company extends far beyond these channels.” Chapek said.

In addition, the head of Disney mentioned that his entire plan extends to sports betting, gaming and the Metaverse. In fact, that’s what really excites him: the opportunity to build a sports machine similar to our franchise flywheel that allows audiences to experience, connect and actively engage with their favorite sporting events, stories, teams and players.

Chapek also played Disney Metaverse Plans, something he keeps bringing up without any real details on what it could be like.

“We realize that in the future, you can call it what you want, you want to call it the metaverse, you want to call it the mix of the physical and digital experiences, which I think Disney should excel at, we realize it’s going to be less of a passive type experience in which you only have reproduction, whether it is a sporting event or if it is an offer of product innovation”, Bob finished.

Metaverse at Disney.  (photo: Business Insider Spain)
Metaverse at Disney. (photo: Business Insider Spain)

This Disney mobile game combines great characters like Mickey and Buzz Lightyear

Disney Melee Mania is a fighting game developed by Mighty Bear Games that brings together some of the most popular characters from Disney Y pixar in a virtual battlefield online. You can choose between these iconic characters:

– Wreck It Ralph (Wreck It Ralph)

-Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

– Frozone (The Incredibles)

– Bing Bong (Backwards)

– Timon (The Lion King)

– Manticore (Onward)

– Mickey (Fantasy)

– Jasmine (Aladdin)

– Vaiana (Vaiana)

– Mulan (Mulan)

– Elsa (Frozen)

– EVA (Wall-E)

At this point, players will be able to choose from the twelve different characters mentioned above, though more will be added over time and they will all be available for free with tons of costumes to customize.

Disney Melee Mania.  (photo: <a class=Apple)” height=”884″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Buzz-Lightyear-also-has-his-own-game-at-Apple-with.png” width=”1812″ />
Disney Melee Mania. (photo: Apple)

each character has his own role, his own collection of moves, and his own outfit. As an Apple Arcade game, the title shouldn’t have small payouts or ads, so in theory all content should be unlockable as you progress through the game.

Time of each game: five minutes.

– Target: get as many points as possible.

This new game is added immediately to the Apple Arcade catalog, so it can now be downloaded from the App Store at no additional cost.

At the moment, it is closed to a large number of players (according to StatCounter, on devices Android is installed in seven out of ten smartphones) and, in addition, it implies paying a subscription of USD $ 4.99 each month.

Disney Melee Mania.  (photo: Apple)
Disney Melee Mania. (photo: Apple)


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