Disneyland kicks off the “Las Fiestas Latinas” Festival in California

The Disneyland California theme park kicks off the ‘Las Fiestas Latinas’ street parade with typical music and dances.

The Disney California Adventure theme park kicks off the Festival of Holidays, where it celebrates Christmas with a street parade led by Donald Duck and the Three Knights, to the rhythm of Latin music and dance, to showcase the best of California’s cultural diversity. . Unlike other years, this Christmas season, Disney extends its festival until January 9.

Opening with characters from the movie “The Three Caballeros” as a starting point to showcase the best of mariachis, folk dancers and large-scale papier-mâché sculptures throughout California Adventure.

It is evident that in recent years, Disneyland has focused the California theme park towards cultural diversity, represented in its original films, such as “Coco” and its new film “Encanto” that pays tribute to Puerto Rican culture. In addition, the Festival of the Holidays also recognizes other celebrations of other cultures such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, among other cultural traditions such as the Lunar New Year with Mulan and deepens with the celebration of the Day of the Dead with “Coco”.

“I think it gave all of us confidence, so to speak, to say that we can do this, that we can have the Lunar New Year and the Plaza de la Familia that celebrates the ‘Coco’ and the Day of the Dead. The idea is to drop a bridge where people can cross into a cultural experience that is not their own and have an emotional response to it ”. Said the architect of the Festival of Holidays Susana Tubert. Part of the design and experience that visitors to California Adventure are expected to receive is that they feel identified with other cultures, in addition to knowing the importance of diversity.

“I was looking for a way to make sure the experience didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, this is south of the border. This does not touch me. ‘ It’s about the balance of bringing enough perspectives from everyone to make our guests feel welcome. ” Tubert expressed. However, the main attraction of the Festival of Holidays is expected to be food and drink. In addition to the different crafts and arts to admire about other cultures, which, without a doubt, several visitors will enjoy.