Distorted marble sculptures call to the past and present

His Wave Stone series features various classically inspired busts that are distorted with a series of waves

From ancient Greece to the Renaissance, marble has been used to create masterpieces for centuries.

And while we often associate this stone with idealistic representations of gods and goddesses, French artist Léo Caillard has found a way to translate the legacy of this age-old medium into the digital age. His Wave Stone series features several classically inspired busts that appear to have a “glitch” in the eyes of the beholder.

Each of these exquisitely carved pieces features traditionally rendered parts, with realistic facial features and textured hair, as well as a series of dramatic curves that disrupt the rest of the sculpture. “My art talks about the connections between the past, the present and the future,” explains Caillard.

“Marble is a timeless and beautiful natural material that is unique on its own. I found it important to work with this classic material, since my work is inspired by Greek and Roman art.

The distortion represents virtuality. We live in a digital world where our screens display images that are just one digital wavelength.”

Although the artist could have applied this effect to any type of marble sculpture, by choosing a classical influence, he underscores this union of ancient art and the way most people consume art now: through a screen.

“This series of sculptures attempts to connect the ‘reality’ of the past (represented by the stone material and the figurative face) with the ‘virtuality’ of our contemporary society (represented by the abstraction of wave distortion),” says Caillard.

“It’s also a unique way of carving marble, as I have to use modern techniques to get those distortions.” Furthermore, while busts of this type often have a static quality, the effects of the waves make these pieces appear active, as if they could change again at any moment despite the solidity of the marble material.

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