Do you have any of these Christmas phobias? These are the rarest and most curious that exist

  • The research is based on a sample of more than 100 thousand participants who were followed up between 2009 and 2022.

Amid the festive glow of Christmas comes a lesser-known aspect: Christmas phobias. While many long for the arrival of lights and gifts, there are those who experience unexpected fears that transform this time into a minefield.

From the fear of flickering lights to anxiety at the prospect of sitting at the table at family dinners, there are phobias that are triggered at Christmas. Do you identify with any?

Dendrophobia: when Christmas trees generate fear

Dendrophobia or the fear of trees triggers deep anxiety, which in the most severe cases leads to fainting or simply paralyzing when forced to approach a tree. Therefore, on these dates those who suffer from it can experience everything from excessive sweating to heart palpitations every time they are near a Christmas tree.

And trees are among the five main elements that cause terror in human beings. What’s more, the number of diagnosed cases of dendrophobia even exceeds arachnophobia and aquaphobia, which we tend to believe are the most common phobias.

Catisophobia: when sitting at the table becomes a challenge

During the Christmas holidays, where long meals are the norm, catisophobia can turn any celebration into a challenging experience. This phobia manifests itself as an intense restlessness about sitting or remaining seated for long periods. The typical dinners of this time are especially difficult for those who experience this phobia, which also causes the feeling of social isolation due to not being able to attend any event where they have to sit.

Agoraphobia: fear of crowds during Christmas shopping

Agoraphobia, a well-known phobia, can intensify during the holiday shopping season. Fear of crowds and open, public spaces can make the experience of buying gifts an overwhelming task for those who struggle with this phobia.

Doronophobia: the ordeal of receiving gifts

The irrational fear of receiving and opening gifts, a phobia that can be lived with relatively well throughout the year, is evident at Christmas, when the exchange of gifts is a well-established tradition. However, for those who suffer from this phobia, the simple act of unwrapping a gift can become a real ordeal.

Selaphobia: the attack of flashing lights

Christmas lights add joy inside and outside homes, but some people have a hard time dealing with the type of lights that flicker. Fear of flashing lights – including lightning – can occur when people have a negative experience with these specific lights.

For example, some people may have seizures or migraines when they see flashing lights, while others may have had a bad experience with those lights at some point in their lives, making them want to avoid them.